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PWP Wrestling

The Rebel's Defeat

The Rebel's Defeat

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Jeremy is new to PWP but he packs a solid body and wrestling skill. At times he even plays dirty pulling Darren's hair.

Darren is squeezed hard but...

...manages to secure an arm bar on Jeremy and proceeds to ram him against the wall.

He pulls Jeremy's trunks but that just makes him mad... he suffers a full nelson and then....

...some pec work to boot. However"," his head...

...gets trapped inside Darren's legs...

...yet its Darren who finds himself on the receiving end of a tight head squeeze...

...some hair pulling...

...and a solid camel clutch"," and Darren is soon ready... be punished by Jeremy before being...

...put out of his misery. A good start for Jeremy.



THE REBEL's turn to face Jeremy and it would seem our veteran has the upper hand... BUT WAIT!!

Here he is trapped on the mat in a full nelson.

Jeremy softens 'The Man in Red' with a sleeper...

...but only enough so that he can play with him some more.

Camel clutches and.

...arm bars has our veteran suffering.

Jeremy relaxes against the wall but knees the Rebel in the back and puts more pressure on the arms and back...

...before he full nelson's the Man in Red.

A punishing bear hug has The Rebel ready...

...for bed as he slowly goes down...

...and down... legs stretched out for all to see...

...and then its all over for The Rebel. Another sweet victory for Jeremy!



THE REBEL has faced Darren before"," but this time Darren is up to the task as he arms bars his opponent against the wall...

...then clamps on a full nelson...

...and displays his victim for the camera.

Darren gets a little too cocky as he has The Rebel in a head scissors...

...only to find hmslef trapped inside those powerful thighs.

The Rebel has Darren all wrapped up on the mat... he begins to act cocky for the camera and the other wrestlers watching the match.

He thinks he has Darren where he wants him but Darren gets out of the headlock with a low blow.

Darren then proceeds to dominate the match...

...and when he thinks its right"," he clamps on a sleeper hold...

...and once more we see the one time champ...

...go down and down. Ohhh...What a beauiful sight!




The 2 newcomers take to the mat next. Mikael and Jeremy. Jeremy seems to be in command... but as you can see the wily Frenchman is about to bring the bigger man DOWN!

The lanky wrestler puts the foot to Jeremy...

...arm bars him and then pulls his trunks... something you don't do to Jeremy.

Mickael is tarpped in a bear hug and as hard as he struggles to break free"," the tighter Jeremy squeezes... the only way to get out is a knee to the balls.

Mickael mocks his Queacute,bec opponents as he punishes them... big or small.

Jeremy can't take the insults any longer and clamps a powerful body scissors on the Frenchman.

Mickael is able to break free and secures a camel clutch on Jeremy.

He then gets ready to weaken his opponent with...

...a tight sleeper but just before Jeremy goes out.

The evil Frenchman gets his chloroform out and starts to knock his opponent out... but wait... he is not finished with Jeremy.

He lets his man get weak and then he revives him only to smother him once more... What an evil man this Mickael is!!!



THE REBEL thinks he will have an easy time with Mickael so he doesn't watch the match between Mickael and Jeremy. A quick punch and The Rebel... down on the mat facing the taunts and punishment from 'The Frenchman'.

An arm bar / leg lock combination has The Rebel in trouble..

MICKAEL LOVES to dish out punishment and abuse.

The Rebel knows he has to get Mickael inside those powerful legs if he is to have a...

...hope of resurrecting the match.

Mickael keeps trying to escape... and eventually does and...

...secures a leg lock on The Rebel.

The Rebel is weakened by a full nelson... look at those muscles bulge in Mickael's arms and chest.

What can the Rebel do??

He squirms and concedes the match only to find...

...the evil Frenchman put him out with chloroform!

Not once or twice but three times. As The Rebel awakens"," he puts him out again... and again.

Can no one stop this evil man from France?
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