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PWP Wrestling

The Dyllon Compilation #2

The Dyllon Compilation #2

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Dyllon has Jason staring into his butt.

But a low blow has Dyllon on the mat.

Jason clamps a sleeper hold and knees Dyllon for good measure.

But Dyllon reverses with a full nelson... look at Jason suffer...

Dyllon works over Jason some more with a camel clutch.

But Jason secures Dyllon's head and gets ready... deliver some punishment...massaging those hamstrings.

Then securing his arm and squeezing... Dyllon is in pain!!

Jason thinks its all over for Dyllon as he secures a body scissors and gets him ready for sleep.

Somehow Dyllon escapes and has Jason is a figure four head scsissors.

Once the taller man gets the sleeper on Jason...

...he wraps those legs around Jason's body...

...and watches Jason squirm... what a sight... what a cut above the rest.

The harder he fights"," the softer he gets. Dyllon triumphs once more.

Match #2

Brandon 'The Asian Assassin vs Dyllon

'This is one of the best fought matches I (Dan) have ever none!'

This is definitely one of the sexiest beatings you may ever see. Dyllon comes to this match with total confidence"," with his brawnier build carrying a lot more weight. But Brandon comes to this like no other wrestler to date. His focus is on hitting Dyllon's midsectionhellip, with vicious ab clawshellip, hard scissors around Dyllon's upper abshellip, and bearhugging Dyllon's ribs endlessly. Big Dyllon suffers endless attack on his stomach and lower back. Brandon easily muscles his way out of anything big Dyllon does manage to throw on him"," and then immediately start back in on working over Dyllon midsection. He focuses on it throughout the match totally dominating Dyllon. Brandon's attack works"," leaving him flexing nicely over Dyllon's lifeless sweaty body. As wrestlers"," I think we all can appreciate an endless attack on one body part. If you like good old gut torturehellip, this one is for you. Well done Brandon!!

Brandon starts quickly squeezing the life out of poor Dyllon.

This is only his second appearance with PWP for Dyllon.

A crushing body scissors...

...and a little choke hold has the young wrestler down...

...but certainly not out"," as Dyllon puts the...

...squeeze on the new comer to PWP.

The aggressive Brandon soon has...

...Dyllon at his mercy as the life is slowly sucked from him...

...and then it is time to put the 'Asian Death Clamp'...

...on the hapless and helpless victim.

Match #3

Dyllon vs Marc

WOWhellip, Is this match great!!! These two are 'about' the same size. The battling is very good in the first half of the match"," each guy using mainly fig-4's mixed with torture holds. And variations in camels and crabs"," each being inventive and effective. But when Dyllon starts to pour it on he manhandles Marc"," like he outweighs him by 20 lbs. Marc is hit with sleeper/camels"," fig-4/spadels"," and any other multiple hold Dyllon can throw on to make him hurt. Marc is devastated. And Dyllon has never handled a match with such dominance. Dyllon watches himself as his muscles flex around Marc powerfully. Laughing at times as he fully dominates Marc. Dyllon poses wonderfully over his fallen opponent. A fantastic match!!!

Dyllon begins the match in complete control..An arm bar has Marc in pain.

A tightly held head scissors squashes poor...

...Marc's head. Here he is seeing stars!

Dyllon in complete control... what a view...

...and what suffering!

Dyllon does a little exploring into Marc's crotch...

But the new man isn't completely out as he shows Dyllon here...

...and once more here. Marc loves to rake his opponents face and eyes.

He does it again... but Dyllon has taken enough abuse.

Once he regains control"," Dyllon is all over his opponent... Here he has Marc in a boston crab...

...and here is the poor guy ready for la-la land!

Match #4

Seacute,bastien vs Dyllon

Seacute,bastien just hasn't looked better before. He is so confident in his onslaught of holds on Dyllon. Looking ever so good as he mauls Dyllon with everything. Slowly going from nelson to headlock to figure 4 headscissors to armbars and bearhugs. He works Dyllon over well. It takes a low blow by Dyllon to slow him down. Then it's Dyllon on the weakened Sebastian as he hits him with his nelson and scissor and a very nice toehold chinlockhellip,until Seacute,bastien says enough. Dyllon suffers in a vicious front facing headscissors so he can take a good long look at the big guy that's going to beat him. And then Seacute,bastien wraps those big arms of his around Dyllon in a side headlock"," then a bearhug showing Dyllon that he the man. A figure4 finally is too much and Seacute,bastien follows it up with his own low blow (for revenge) then puts his foe out with a very tight sleeper. Seacute,bastien flexes his amazing body over Dyllon for the win. Brilliant Seacute,bastien action!!

Seacute,bastien takes an early advantage with a painful head lock...

...and then proceeds to play with PWP's newest find...

...and decides to continue punishing Dyllon once more with a devastating arm bar...

...then it is a figure-four head scissors...

...and more head scissor punishment.

But a low blow"," Dyllon has learned his lesson it seems.

...brings down the big man and under...

...Dyllon's control"," with a full nelson...

...and his own variation of a leg lock.

But it's not long before Seacute,bastien recovers and puts...

...the young upstart to bed...

...Seacute,bastien's final pose is a classic!

Match #5

Bad Boy vs Dyllon

This is one heck of a matchup. Dyllon comes to this match with a BIG ego going and is determined to prove he's THE MANhellip, Bad Boy isn't a guy to be pushed around. Sure Dyllon comes looking very rippedhellip, but BB is a big tough muscular talented wrestler. Action starts with BB going right after Dyllon's back"," bearhugging it. Dyllon counters it with his own and then a fullnelson"," a big bodyscissors/armbar"," a long camel clutch and puts all his muscle into it all. BB is in pain"," but is fed up and goes back after Dyllon's back. Dyllon's back torture in this matchup is mean. The Bad One hits Dyllon up with a lion-tamer to start"," (then each get eachother with a shot to the balls). Then BB comes back hitting Dyllon's back again with a big camel clutch"," and one of the meanest series of bearhugs ever"," standing"," sitting"," and rolling. Dyllon does try to outmuscle the big guy"," paining Bad Boy a bit but mainly just infuriating him. Dyllon's back gets worked over with combination bodyscissors holds"," lots more bearhugging"," one of BB's 'Sex Machine' holds"," a couple lying bodyscissors/backbreaker"," then a bodyscissors/surfboard"," and then more bearhugging (but Dyllon is now destroyed"," begging for Bad Boy to stop). Bad Boy returns after the match and tosses a sleeper on the beaten muscle boy. THIS ACTION IS TOUGH AND HOT. Great match!!!

Bad Boy gets an early start to this squeeze fest... Dyllon soon finds out. The punishment though...

...doesn't stop Dyllon from trying"," but it is Bad Boy...

...who soon has him in a body scissors and shows his fans the pain he can inflict.

Here he tries to pop Dyllon's head while in a tight body scissors.

The poor young wrestler continues to suffer...

...punishment at the hands of Bad Boy until...

...our heel puts Dyllon out.





Whoever wins the test of strength chooses the scissors hold to apply on his opponent. Whoever lasts the longest before giving up wins the match. Each match is made up of two contests. There are two matches.

Kid Brandon is the guest referee in this scissors endurance match.

Tyler is cocky... too cocky... as he loses the test of muscle strength to Dyllon.

Dyllon chooses a body scissor.

He puts pressure on Tyler"," as the Kid times how long before Tyler gives up.

Tyler decides to put Dyllon's head between those thighs...and squeezes until Dyllon can't take it any more.

Dyllon chooses a figure-four head scissors.

He does some trunk pulling while the Kid tries to control the contest.

For his next hold"," Tyler chooses a front head scissors.

He squeezes and pulls hair and squeezes.

When Kid Brandon declares the contest a draw"," Tyler goes berserk off camera....
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