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PWP Wrestling

The 5th Scissors Tape

The 5th Scissors Tape

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Dino begins this scissors tape with a face in the crotch...

...version of the head scissors...

...which the young Kid is only to happy to oblige with the same.

Some added pressure for good luck... and some pain for Dino.

'I have you where I want you punk!!'

Dino manages to slap another face head scissors on the Kid.

Here Dino is taunting the Kid...

...but the Kid comes back and delivers some pain of his own making.

Dino is able to clamp on a figure four head scissors/sleeper hold...

...which he uses to put his opponent to sleep. Here he is lifting the Kid's arm to see if he is out.

Once its over"," he carries the Kid to a small room located at the side of the mat... What's he going to do to him there?





Whoever wins the test of strength chooses the scissors hold to apply on his opponent. Whoever lasts the longest before giving up wins the match. Each match is made up of two contests. There are two matches.

Kid Brandon is the guest referee in this scissors endurance match.

Tyler is cocky... too cocky... as he loses the test of muscle strength to Dyllon.

Dyllon chooses a body scissor.

He puts pressure on Tyler"," as the Kid times how long before Tyler gives up.

Tyler decides to put Dyllon's head between those thighs...and squeezes until Dyllon can't take it any more.

Dyllon chooses a figure-four head scissors.

He does some trunk pulling while the Kid tries to control the contest.

For his next hold"," Tyler chooses a front head scissors.

He squeezes and pulls hair and squeezes.

When Kid Brandon declares the contest a draw"," Tyler goes berserk off camera....



Dino begins with a figure-four head scissors on Dyllon.

Dyllon obliges with one of his own.

Dyllon puts the pressure on in a way only Dyllon can do.

This is Dyllon's take on a head scissor - arm bar torture.

Dino loves to taunt is opponents. Maybe its his way of distracting the opposition...

...because it sure seems to work.

He has Dyllon wrapped up is a head scissors and then gets him...

...ready for beddy bye with his figure-four scissors.

After a few minutes and some assurance his...

...opponent is out... well that's all there is to see.



Kid Brandon takes on a cocky and disgruntled Tyler.
"Kiss my ass"," boy!"

Tyler jokes at how easy it is to defeat the Kid. Here he is cracking the Kid's knuckles.

Send me a MAN... not a puny punk.

He laughs at the weakness of his prey.

He endlessly jabs and pokes at the Kid.

The Kid is able to have a brief moment over his opponent.

But Tyler taunts the Kid... here he punishes the...

...Kid with a powerful body scissors.

The Kid is pretty well out and all Tyler can do is lie on his back... relaxing.

Now its his turn to put the Kid to sleep.

Tyler brushes the Kid's hair as he is falling asleep.

Isn't he such a nice guy (sic). Tyler at his best??



The cocky Tyler has Dino suffering in a head scissors.

He punishes his opponent's arm and head at the same time.

No referee so some hair pulling won't hurt... now will it??

Tyler loves to show himself off as'the King of PWP'.

He has Dino in pain and he loves it.

Here he is massaging Dino's face and neck.

As much as he tries to bridge out of the hold...

...Tyler makes certain he lands back on the mat... caught in his vice-like grip.

This battle of the figure-four head scissors/sleeper...

...hold will go to Tyler.

So PWP needs to find a worthy opponent or opponents to take the cockiness out of the man!!
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