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PWP Wrestling

The 4rd Scissors Tape DVD

The 4rd Scissors Tape DVD

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Sean vs Felix

Sean starts with an early head scissors.


Soon they both find themselves caught in each other's head scissors...


...but the veteran Sean gets Felix where he wants him.....

...and later puts the squeeze on that smooth head of his.


But Felix reverses and has Sean where he wants him...


...but the veteran is too cagey and Felix's head gets squeezed tight.


The end comes when Sean has Felix between those...


...thighs and doesn't let go.


More and more humiliation and punishment and Felix submits.



Kid Kombat vs Christopher

Kid Kombat starts out mean with a punishing head scissors...


...some hair pulling and other dirty tricks.


The more Christopher tries to get out of the head scissors, the harder it is...


..can that neck get twisted                           any more???


scissors and some pec twisting...
...and an interesting reverse body     scissors.


But Christopher gets his he is playing paddy-cake on Kombat's butt!!

...and decides to do some pec pulling of his own.


But this front head scissors...


...has poor Christopher in pain...


...and when the Kid puts on his policeman's head scissors (his term).


It's all over for Christopher.



Sean vs Christopher

Sean has Christopher trapped in a powerful figure-four head scissors....


He then clamps on his own version of the Kid's policemen's hold and does a little tit pinching.


Sean uses a variation of the head claw on Christopher...


...and more tit pinching.


But Christopher has Sean in pain...


...and does some tit pinching of his own.


Sean's figure-four head scissors...


...has Christopher in pain as he slowly looses his energy...


...and submits to Sean's scissor hold.


But Sean decides after the match to humiliate Christopher...well what can I say!!



Felix vs Kid Kombat

Felix starts off strong with a front head scissors...


...and then with a punishing body scissors...


...but the little guy reverses and has Felix trapped.


What control this head scissors gives the Kid to do...


...whatever he wants to with his opponent.


The man is literally trapped between those thighs and that butt.


And speaking of butt"," here is more of the Kid's butt for Felix...


...and more of his he pulls hair and enjoys every minute of ...


...domination over Felix.


The constant pressure of the Kid's relentless scissors attack spells the end for Felix.


The Kid poses over Felix with his foot over the fallen prey's throat!!



Sean vs Kid Kombat

The Kid Starts off in control.


His punishing headscissors has Sean dazed and confused.


The little guy uses some dirty tricks of his own... put Sean in pain...


...more hair pulling...


...what a smile on that face as he takes pleasure in dishing out pain.


Sean's face is squeezed and squeezed between those...


...thighs as the Kid relishes his control over the veteran wrestler.


Sean doesn't know what has hit him... the Kid dishes out more and more scissor punishment...


...until Sean can take no more.What a tough little customer the Kid has become!



Christopher vs Felix

Christopher knows to win you have to throw the rule book out the


...tit punishment"," and other dirty tricks puts this young man in the driver's seat... Felix reels in the punishment dished out by Christopher.

Some eye gouging keeps Christopher on top!


Then he puts Felix in a version of a head scissors PWP (Dan) has not seen before..maybe some of you have..I don't know...


...but believe me Felix feels the pain... he slowly looses consciousness.


But Christopher won't let him off that easy... more tit punishment and ...


...other tortures are applied to Felix's body...


...until the choke ending puts Felix out of his misery. What a great set of matches. 
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