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PWP Wrestling

The 3rd Annual Wrestling Bash DVD

The 3rd Annual Wrestling Bash DVD

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The Rebel vs Sammy

The Rebel and Sammy start with a test of strength..foolish Sammy will lose this contest.

Sammy is on the receiving end of Rebel's punishing headlock.

Sammy finds himself trapped in an intense neck/sleeper hold... but while on the mat"," he escapes...

...and decides to punish the Rebel with side headlocks of his own.

Sammy LIKES punishing the Rebel's head ... so he clamps that beautiful head and face inside his legs.

Sammy taunts the veteran by pressing his head closer to his crotch...

...and well"," pretty much handling the situation as he pleases.

Sammy soon discovers why the Rebel is a vetrean of PWP as he finds himself trapped inside those massive thighs.

Sammy keeps trying to extricate himself from the Rebel's legs...

..but every twist brings more pain and pressure from the Rebel.

Yet Sammy escapes and proceeds to punish...

...the Rebel's neck and head with a camel clutch.

Sammy starts his final assault on the Rebel with...

...a face claw... before he secures a sleeper hold on our favorite wrestler.

Sammy watches as the energy is slowly ...

...sapped from the Rebel's body...

Sammy REALLY ENJOYED his victory over the REBEL. He asked Dan to get him more 'boys' to work over.


Kid Brandon vs Eric

The Kid and Eric start with a test of strength...

...but the Kid is the first to take control.

The taller Eric escapes from the Kid's headlock...

...then secures his own on the young tough.

But"," the wiry Kid takes control...

...and makes Eric suffer in a full nelson... but height wins out this time as...


Eric has the Kid in a version of the Boston Crab...

...and the only way Brandon can escape is by pinching Eric's leg...

...and while the Kid may be smaller than Eric...

...he makes it up in determination... and...

...well"," attitude... big time ATTITUDE... he KNOWS he KNOWS more about wrestling than Eric.

With so little effort he knows he could break...

...Eric's arms! The Kid starts to PLAY with Eric's face with his feet!!

Here he shows his amateur background...

Be asks Eric to submit again and again...'You can't beat me... you can't even get out of this hold punk'.

You can see from the expressions on the Kid's face that he is SOO in CONTROL.

'You want to give up now... bitch!!

Even though Eric submits"," the Kid keeps punishing Eric's arm.
He is quite a little dynamo!!


Mickael vs Darren

The taller Darren clamps on a front head scissors on the Frenchman... Mickael.

Mickael easily escapes and securely clamps on a leg lock.

Mickael traps Darren's legs from behind and grabs his arm and some hair.

And if that wasn't enough"," the young tough bites his opponent!!

Completely in control over Darren whose face is wiping the mat...

...he twists both arms in so many ways.

But Darren somehow escapes and tries to regain control over the match... only... discover Mickael is on his back again pulling hair...

...and using his bandanna to tie Darren's arms behind his back.

With Darren trapped and squirming on the mat... is the time for Mickael to torture his hapless victim..

With Darren's arms tied behind his back"," it is easy for Mickael to clamp on a sleeper hold...

And just before Darren goes unconscious"," Mickael wakes him up... only to start choking him with the bandanna.

Mickael slaps Darren's face a few times just to make sure he is OUT!!

This is one cruel Frenchman! But his fortunes are about to take a turn for the very worse.



Brutus vs Marky

Brutus and Marky in a test of strength!!! Two Big hombres showing off their muscles.

The first to get to the chloroform has the advantage.

Marky clamps on a front headlock.

Marky is able to grab the soaked cloth first...

...while Brutus' head is trapped inside those big thighs. Marky can smell an easy and quick victory.

But Brutus will have nothing to do with this as he low blows Marky!

Brutus locks that right leg and puts the squeeze...

...on Marky... who grimaces in pain.

Brutus keeps the pressure on Marky's leg with...

...continuous twists.

Marky appears helpless... Brutus continues to punish his opponent. Now with a foot up Marky's crotch and crack.

Brutus appears in control... now with a full nelson...

...however"," Marky senses an opening and one quick back kick...

...and who is suffering now???

Marky's not stupid... he goes for the soaked rag once more... this time he makes sure Brutus is weakened by the smell of the chloroform.

He clamps on a front head scissors and massages the big man's face.

The big man is weak and on the mat...

Marky sees what he wants to attack next... that big stomack!! He sinks those fingers deep into the flesh... what a sight! Its all over except for the bell...

...but Marky wants more"," so on goes the sleeper.

'Suck This'...


Seacute,bastian vs Reneacute,

Seacute,bastian is first off the bell with a punishing headlock and some dirty tricks of his own that he plants on Reneacute,'s head.

While Reneacute, is down on the mat"," Seacute,bastian... gleefully in control... manhandling Reneacute, and LOVING every minute of it!!

Seacute,bastian likes to show off his wrestling skills"," especially on a big opponent like Reneacute,.

Reneacute, is no easy pushover for Seacute,bastian...

...trapped first in a headlock... pulling on some of those wavy locks of Seacute,bastian... then with a couple of fingers in the eyes.

Seacute,bastian is trapped on the mat"," so Reneacute, does some stomach punishment.

Reneacute,' clamps on a front head scissors... this time with Seacute,bastian's face laying on Reneacute,'s crotch.

This is an original hold... and a hold that humiliates.


Reneacute, grabs some hair and pulls Seacute,bastian even closer.

Somehow"," Seacute,bastian escapes and takes...

...out his frustration on Reneacute,'s arm... and then pile drives him to the mat!!!

Seacute,bastian secures a head scissors of his own...

...and puts the squeeze on Reneacute,'s head... again and again... man"," does that hurt!

Now its his turn to humiliate Reneacute,... with his foot ... rubbing all over Reneacute,'s head.

Seacute,bastian knows its only a matter of time before he... victorious. Seacute,bastian gleefully watches as the life is sapped from the big man's body.

And what a sight for us to watch!!

Seacute,bastian... the victor!!! Will we see more of him in the future??? I certainly hope so.
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