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PWP Wrestling

The 2nd Scissors Tape

The 2nd Scissors Tape

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Match #1
Long-held (several minutes) head scissors with a devastating sleeper ending.

WOWhellip,.have these two put on the muscle. Stephan is definitely one of the most sculpted men that PWP has seen yet. Sean is a very vocal guy and likes to flex and yell for the camera when he is in charge. Stephan is slow to get up and is hurting after Sean puts on a very long held variation head scissors. You'd think these guys heads are going to pop off at some points. Stephan gets in his own long held headscissors"," then a sleeper body scissors that Sean is sure not to escape and goes down. Stephan looks awesome.

Sean has Steacute,phan locked-up.

Steacute,phan with some hair pulling.

Match #2
Sexy StevevsSean
Steve and Sean exchange long held scissors until one succumbs. Who do you think triumphs?

Lot's of muscle on Steve too"," these guys look incredible. Sexy starts this one with a very long debilitating head scissors on Sean"," then he chokes Sean"," and then another head scissors. Sean though isn't up to loosing two in a row. He manages to match Steve's squeeze for a simultaneous headscissors. The punishment of Steve starts there"," after which he wraps his powerful arms around Steve for a sleeper to end this one. Steve looks great going down and Sean is pleased with himself as he humiliates the lifeless hunk.

Sean has Steve in a embarassing postion.

Steve likes to 'hot dog' as much as posible. Here he tells Dan (PWP) he is #1. We will have to wait and see who wins this match-up.

Match #3
Steacute,phanvsSexy Steve
Steacute,phan dominates this match. But Sexy Steve has a few tricks up his sleeve...or does he?

Look at this one. Sexy Steve versus Sexy Stephan. These two have fun posing before the match. Both adonis' look awesome. Stephan starts with a big body scissors headlock"," then fig-4 headlock with an armbar and won't let go. Steve is helpless in this hold. Stephan confidently hangs on to his muscled victim as he squirms to no avail. Steve reverses the hold and you will love to watch him as he tortures Stephan in a headscissors and flexes proudly over Stephan's muscle. Steve's a great showman. When Stephan does break the hold he is immediately put into a sleeper that there is no escape. Steve and those big arms"," he loves so much"," can do you in and Stephan experiences how. Great muscle matchup.

Steacute,phan has his patented figure four head scissors on Steve...a very long held and punishing hold.

Steve cries out in agony.
Match #4
Sean surprises Steacute,phan in a battle that Sean wins.

Stephan starts the match with a front head scissors on Sean that gives the guy a great view of his little green bikini shorts and his hot body that is punishing him. Stephan just leans back and his legs flex as they wrap around poor Sean's neck. And Stephan doesn't let go easy. So these two exchange headscissors for a whilehellip, and poor Stephan. He tries to shake one of Sean's big headscissors"," but he too has some trouble. These guys are pretty tough. Their holds are long and hard. Sean almost puts lean Stephan out with one of his headscissors. Sean then let's Stephan go and immediately tosses a big sleeper on him. Good night Stephan. Sean tosses around the lifeless body of his muscles opponent's and then poses over him. Stephan just wasn't enough for the new and improved Sean. He looks great.

Steacute,phan has Sean is a long held front head scissors.

Sean shows Steacute,phan a thing or two about long held head scissors.

Sean shows he still is a hot contender in PWP with this long"," sensual sleeper.

Match #5
Sexy StevevsSean
Steve tries his best against one of the best.

These two really fill out their little shorts. WOW. They trade huge headscissors for the most of this match. The aggressor flexing proudly"," and their muscular legs straining as they squeeze the life out of their victim. There is Sean again"," trapped with only a view of Steve's tight blue bikinis and Steve's fantastic torso. This hold lasts forever with Steve flexing and laughing at Sean. In a humiliating way"," Steve ever so slowly raises Sean"," by his hair"," to his feet"," and then he applies the finishing sleeper. Steve laughs proudly and poses over Sean's defeated body. Steve Rocks!!!

Steve show boating.

It looks like poor Sean is in for a long and punishing match.

Yeah"," Steve we know you are 'the man'.

Match #6
Sexy StevevsSteacute,phan
Steve is showing himself to be a hot contender in PWP.

This is a fantastic muscle guy matchup. Both these lean"," sculpted bodies will steal your attention"," with help from those little trunks they wear. Stephan has some big biceps so his headlocks are commanding and strong. The view is breathtaking when Steve is grounded by a big headscissors. Stephan's hot body straining as he punishes Steve. This match is all headscissors and muscles. A fine way to end a brilliant 'headscissors' tape. If you like your headscissors"," you will for sure like to see this.

Squeeze harder and show me you care.

Just relaxing showing.

Steve who's boss.
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