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PWP Wrestling

The 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

The 2nd Annual Wrestling Bash

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Mario vs Nick

Mario has Nick in a grinding headlock...

...but Nick is quick to turn the tables as he has the handsome one down on the mat with a painful headlock of his own.

Nick proceeds to punish the up-and-coming PWPstar...

...once more Mario's head and neck get a pounding...

...Rock-a-bye Mario... look at that back...

...and butt stretch under the pressure!

But Mario is no toy-boy as Nick soon discovers. The pain young Mario now inflicts on Nick...

...has him reeling and begging for mercy... I didn't know an arm could stretch that far back..Did you?

Once he has Nick softened up..Mario clamps on a painful side headlock and continues to grind and grind...

...his opponent into submission. Those of you who love long held side headlocks will have a feast here.


Seacute,bastien vs Simon

Seacute,bastien begins the match in control punishing Simon's head first with a tight headlock.

Then with an even tighter head scissors.

Then Seacute,bastien has Simon flying upside down... Interesting view ...

...then puts him right-side up in a punishing bear hug...

...Seacute,bastien's special leg and arm punishment.

The smaller man is able to reverse with a tight figure- four headscissors of his own...

...but the bigger Seacute,bastien shows his dominance over Simon by parading him around the locker-room on his shoulder!

Look at poor Simon grimace at the pain Seacute,bastien inflicts.

The smaller Simon resorts to a low blow to gain a temporary advantage.

But this just enrages Seacute,bastien who makes Simon suffer with a devastating backbreaker.

More leg torture until Seacute,bastien decides to end the match.

Seacute,bastien smiles as he sees his victim slowly weaken and succumb to the bigger man's prowess. Is Seacute,bastien ready for a re-match with Brandon???


'Bad Boy' Yves vs Mike Manson

This is a squash for our villain. Bad Boy has Mike flying high right from the start of the bell.

His punishing headlock has Mike in pain...

A tight bear hug has Mike gasping for air...

...why not make Mike suffer more as he plants his foot and grinds Mike's groin...

...then a full nelson...

...and a leg hold... how much pain can Mike endure??

Bad Boy concentrates on the legs...

...then decides to punish Mike's arm.

Before he puts this poor sucker to bed"," he drags him by the hair to the 'right' spot on the mat...

...where he lays Mike out...

...and then pins him face to crotch... Complete Domination!


Sexy Steve vs Eric

This match begins with Sexy Steve in control. But remember"," this match is presided over byThe RebelandBad Boy.

Sexy Steve (Bad Boy's protegeacute,) is in trouble... Eric (The Rebel's protegeacute,) has the Sexy One just where he wants him.

Eric pulls some of Steve's long locks to punish him some more... to the chagrin of Bad Boy.

The Rebel interferes once the Sexy One has Eric all locked up in a tight head scissors.

But The Sexy One continues to dominate as Bad Boy keeps The Rebel in check... here Steve literally has Eric all wrapped up!!

But Eric keeps coming back... here he tortures the Sexy One's legs.

Then he goes after his head in a bone-crushing figure- four head scissors.

A side headlock on the mat keeps Eric in control.

It seems that it is all over for our hero when...

...The Rebel low blows Bad Boy and they start to take it out of the warehouse.

This gives the Sexy One a chance to recuperate... Here he pulls Eric up by the hair...

...slaps on a powerful head scissors. .This spells the end for Eric...


Kid Q vs Pistol Pete

This match is all Kid Q. Here he is choking the smaller man.

His punishing figure-four headscissors has Pistol in pain.

The little guy tries to put a side headlock of his own on the Kid...

...but Pistol pays for his feeble attempt with a punishing full nelson.

...then the Kid puts Pete in one of his favorite holds... the head scissors.

Pete's head is squashed behind those massive thighs..oh help!!!

He keeps punishing Pete's head with those thighs.

Then the Kid goes to his next favorite hold..the bearhug!!!

The little guy is tortured as he squirms to free himself...

...only to find himself locked once more...

...inside the Kid's powerful legs.

However he tries to free himself"," he just can't do it. By now the youngster is a so weak he is easy prey... the Kid's powerful arms...This slow and sensual sleeper is a knockout!!


Christopher vs Michel

Michel has Christopher all wrapped up on the mat.

His punishing figure four head scissors has Christopher eating... well you know...humiliation.

But the little guy puts a side headlock of his own on Christopher and grinds his head on the mat.

Michel"," in obvious pain"," tries to pull Christopher's trunks in order to free himself only... find himself facing the mat"," with Christopher once again in control.

But the bigger man is able to escape and clamps on a side headlock... his favorite hold.

Michel seems to enjoy his job and the view???

Christopher suffers in Michels full nelson.

The little guy is tortured as he squirms to free himself...

...only to find that he is trapped once more in Michel's headlock.

Christopher is ready to meet his Maker... he slowly drifts into unconsciousness...a beautiful finish to a terrific match and a once in a lifetime tape!
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