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PWP Wrestling

Summer Sizzler #2 DVD

Summer Sizzler #2 DVD

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CHRISS wearing WHITE trunks

NEO in RED trunks

CHRISS wearing WHITE trunks

FRANK in RED trunks

NEO wearing WHITE trunks

VINCE in RED trunks





These two muscular gods are very close friends. More accurately"," they see their relationship as a bromance. When Dan asked them to wrestle for PWP"," they were initially reticent. Finally"," they agreed to go at it on the PWP mats. Here are NEO and CHRISS locked up at the beginning of the match. NEO is the first to suffer in CHRISS's tightly bound bear hug!

CHRISS unleashes his attack on his bromance buddy with a camel clutch. But he seems to enjoy working over NEO's tight muscular pecs. Is there something more to this bromance?

NEO decides to have his bromance buddy get a closer look at his bubble butt. Then he decides to take a closer look at CHRISS's manhood!

CHRISS goes after thoe perfectly formed pecs once more!

A quick punch to the gut and NEO works

over those pecs on CHRISS's chest!

When NEO tries to secure a full nelson on CHRISS"," his shorter body can't get a firm grip. CHRISS moves in and has his bromance buddy in a sleeper hold. Then he lets go"," only to re-apply the sleeper hold again and again.

With NEO close to passing out from the sleeper holds"," CHRISS puts the finishing touch on NEO's humiliating defeat with a back breaker. Once more CHRISS releases the pressure only to continue choking NEO! Can this match spell the end of their bromance? Only time will tell.



FRANK and CHRISS lock up with the bigger and tight muscled CHRISS taking the advantage. CHRISS quickly has FRANK on the mat is a head lock and starts to play with his smaller opponent! Does FRANK enjoy being so close to CHRISS's basket??

However"," FRANK is no slouch. He clamps on pec claws on CHRISS.

CHRISS let's VINCE know how it feels!

CHRISS has FRANK tightly held in a bear hug. However"," every time FRANK escapes"," CHRISS punches him in the stomach and re-applied the bear hug!

FRANK does the same to CHRISS

with a quick punch in the gut and then re-applying the bear hug!

FRANK is all smiles as he watches CHRISS squirm.

But CHRISS knows his strength

and soon gives FRANK reason to fear defeat.

FRANK cannot escape from the bear hugs and CHRISS makes FRANK submit with a painful back breaker!



NEO and VINCE lock up at the beginning of the match. NEO is one tight muscled dude. However"," VINCE clamps on a side headlock and NEO is on his knees while VINCE pulls hair and chokes his opponent!

And NEO does some hair pulling of his own.

NEO is a bonefide narcissist"," kissing his bulging bicep.

NEO's muscularity comes in handy as he pulls VINCE off the mat and clamps on a punishing bear hug!

Once in control"," NEO unleashes his attack. VINCE can not budge from NEO's grip and NEO knows it!

However"," VINCE manages to get his arms inside NEO's and secures

bear hug of his own on his red-headed opponent.

VINCE now moves to attack those bulging pecs on NEO's chest.

However"," NEO reverses and has VINCE quickl,y on his knees as he applies the pressure on VINCE's pecs!

Once he has VINCE on the mat"," NEO does more bicep licking and then gets VINCE ready for beddy-bye!

But this narcissist is also a sadist. He releases the sleeper

hold on Vince"," only to reapply it again and again

NEO's face says it all as he puts VINCE out for the night!



STEVE and ERIC lock up at the beginning of the match. However"," from the sidelines both The Rebel and Punishing Pat are there to encourage their proteacute,geacute,s. The question is: Will they stay on the sidelines or interfere at some stage in the match?

STEVE has ERIC in front and side headlocks. However"," he can't stop showboating in front of the camera!

However"," STEVE is not finished with ERIC. He secures a head scissors on ERIC's head while still out! STEVE keeps the pressure on until he decides he has had enough!
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