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PWP Wrestling

Spring Battles DVD

Spring Battles DVD

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BENJAMIN wearing BLUE trunks

PEPE in RED trunks

MATHIEU wearing RED trunks




The BIG MAN knows he can over-power Mathieu but fails to protect his crown jewels from Mathieu's low blow.

While Mathieu controls Peacute,peacute, on the mat","

the larger man is able to over-power his opponent. He can now have a full view of Mathieu's extra large basket!

However"," Mathieu quickly finds himself trapped inside Peacute,peacute,'s bone crushing bear hug! Mathieu must face more punishment before the BIG MAN

starts to parade his superior size and strength over the smaller man. But Mathieu has an answer to Peacute,peacute,'s cocky attitude!

Mathieu has Peacute,peacute, on the mat but soon...

finds himself on the receiving end of a low blow!

Bone crushing side bear hugs has Mathieu ready for sleep as Peacute,peacute, delivers a sleeper on his now hapless victim.

BUT WAIT! Is this Spencer coming to Mathieu's rescue as Mathieu did for Spencer against his match with Peacute,peacute,??

Will Peacute,peacute, be prepared to counter this time or will he once more fall victim to these two wrestlers surprise double teaming?

Down he goes as Spencer covers Peacute,peacute,'s face with the cholorformed rag as Mathieu gets ready to deliver a few blows of his own.

But this time Peacute,peacute, is faking he is knocked out and first delivers a low blow to Mathieu (he knows Spencer is immune to low blows) then chloroforms Spencer.

Peacute,peacute, then secures the two lifeless bodies in a double head scissors and each time one of the wrestlers starts to wake up"," he chloroforms each man once more.

Soo sexy to watch Peacute,peacute, control these two smaller men.



He starts to squeeze his opponent's head but Spencer gains control with an on the mat surf board.

Repeated low blows and Spencer

is still standing. When will Mathieu learn?? Spencer shows some of his knowledge of wrestling with Mathieu on the receiving end.

Mathieu suffers in Spencer's full nelson. But"," Mathieu regains control of the match once more.

Spencer shows Mathieu he too can control his opponent. Here and below"," Mathieu is made to smell Spencer's big package!

Repeated punches to the gut and Spencer believes he can soon end the match.

He gets cocky only to be brought down by a cholorformed rag.



Benjamin and Spencer lock-up.

Benjamin is quick to clamp on a headlock and grind Spencer's head.

Spencer brings Banjamin to the mat with a low blow. Once on the mat"," Spencer makes Benjamin suffer. His lower back is Spencer's prime target.

Foolishly"," Benjamin tries to bring Spencer down with repeated low blows only to find himself trapped in Spencer's bear hug!

Spencer keeps the pressure on Benjamin's back. Somehow he reverse and watches Spencer suffer in his back breaking bear hug!

Next"," Spencer attacks Benjamin's head with some hair pulling for good measure.

Repeated punches to the stomach. However"," Benjamin is able to get the upper hand on Spencer and proceeds to damage his opponent's lower back.

A little too cocky and Benjamin pays with a low blow.

Quickly"," Spencer has Banjamin in a boston crab. Can Banjamin escape or will he concede the match??



The BIG MAN is quick to show Benjamin who is boss by grabbing his opponent's throat. The only way to bring Peacute,peacute, under control is with a low blow.

Benjamin has his opponent on the mat

and punishes Peacute,peacute,'s lower back.

However"," Peacute,peacute, is the BIG MAN on the mat and he soon has Benjamin feeling the pain in a head scissors and does some hair pulling for good measure.

The BIG MAN shows who is boss with bone crushing bear hugs...belly-to-belly"," back and side bear hugs!!

Another low blow has Peacute,peacute, on the mat with Benjamin in control.

Now that he has his opponent weakened"," Peacute,peacute, inflicts more damage to Benjamin's lower back with camel clucthes.

Benjamin must endure more back punishment before he is asked to submit!
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