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PWP Wrestling

Special Events 3

Special Events 3

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FREDERICK returns to PWP meaner and stronger. He overpowers Ricardo in a test of strength.

Then he rakes his eyes while holding him in a headlock.

But Ricardo's low blow has Fred on the mat moaning in pain.

Ricardo does a little nipple twisting before...

...he works over Fred's stomach while kneeing the big man in the neck.

Fred recovers and proceeds to sit on Ricardo's face while grabbing his opponent's pectoral muscles and pulling his trunks.

ohh..did I mention Fred also felt like grabbing his fallen's opponent's balls??

Fred is showimg off his wresting talents while Ricardo screams.

Fred then rips Ricrado's face with his fingers and fist.

What a punishing neck breaker!

What can Ricardo do? Fred has him in a backbreaker"," pulling his hair...

...and grabbing his balls....what humiliation.

He finishes Ricardo with his patented torture rack.

Fred even does a few squats before tossing his opponent hard onto the mat.



Who can get to the chloroform first?


Ricardo and Q-Ninja"," the 2 new comers are locked in a test of strength.

Ricardo has Q-Ninja in a side headlock.

He then proceeds to work over his opponent's abs.

Q-Ninja will have none of that. He grabs Ricardo's face and almost pulls it off...

...then he bites... yes"," bites his opponent's arm.

All under the 'watchful' eye of Kid TNT"," Ricardo re-gains the advantage with a head scissors and some trunk pulling.

Q-Ninja is in pain!!

The Q is wriggling on the mat as Ricardo wedges him.

Q-Ninja feels Ricardo's foot up his butt and basket.

The Q camel clutches Ricardo and then twists his neck before...

...pulling his hair. The ref caught this infraction.

The Q pulls trunks to stop Ricardo from getting the chloroform.

Q-Ninja feels the pressure of Ricardo's hand around his balls.

But its the Q who gets the chloroform and down"," down goes Ricardo.

Q-Ninja's victory pose.



Frederick is in control from the beginning of this match with pec and ball grabs.

Ben can do nothing as the BIG MAN pulls trunks... an effort to humiliate this rookie.

Caught inside those massive thighs"," Ben gets his hair pulled for good measure.

The poor man is tortured as Fred jacks up the pain.

Ben must resort to a low blow to get even.

Foolish boy... he tries a full nelson on Fred only to find himself...

...wrapped inside those big arms.

Fred works over Ben's back.

Fred knows how to dish out the pain.

Ben can't take much more of this punishment.

Ben gives up as Fred lifts him high above the mat and clamps on his patented torture rack!!



Frederick has Q-Ninja down in this test of strength.

Q-Ninja gets scissored and his jaw re-arranged... courtesy of Fred.

But a grab of Fred's basket has him releasing the hold.

Q-Ninja has Fred in pain with a double arm bar.

The Q continues to punish the BIG MAN.

Q-Ninja finds himself soon on the mat in Fred's bear hug.

He tries to get free by pulling Fred's trunks but that only makes Fred angry.

Q-Ninja faces the wrath of Fred. Can he take any more pain?

Fred yanks at those trunks and the Q can only flay at this opponent.

Q-Ninja is then caught in a boston crab.

The Q is punished even more before...

...Fred finishes him off with the torture rack...

...and he carries him around the room...

...then poses and pulls the Q's trunks in a final act of humiliation to his fallen victim.



The Q is all over the rookie Ben.

Q-Ninja feels its his turn to humiliate his hapless opponent.

The Q is relentless in his...

...punishment of Ben. The poor rookie may never return to PWP's Rough Raunchy series.

A combination scissors and full nelson...

...then a camel clutch with added taunting and...

...a face massage... or is that a version of a pro wrestling face lift?

Q-Ninja ends it for Ben with a sleeper.

Poor Ben... never know what happened to him.

Q-Ninja poses over his fallen victim!
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