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PWP Wrestling

Sleeper 7

Sleeper 7

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Match #1

Fred vs Sylvain

Fred and Jeff - The youngster surprises everyone including Fred!

Fred and Sylvain

Fred and The Butcher

Sylvain takes a stab at testing Fred..

He has Fred on his knees but he seems the one
that is tiring from the struggle..

Fred has his man in a Bear Hug while Sylvain struggle sto break free..

Sylvain breaks free and tries his hand at punishing Fred's face and head.

Sylvain knows he has to get Fred to the mat...

and while on top of Fred"," he keeps that sleeper securely held.

Sylvain appears to be on top with his firmly held sleeper.....

Kid TNT"," the guest referee raises Fred's arm for the third and final time..but Fred is able to gather up more srength..

and reverses on Sylvain...

Fred knows he can't let go and in the end"," it is Sylvain who goes down for the 3 count. This was a close match for Fred.


The Butcher vs Jeff

This is Jeff's first match in the practice room... The Butcher easily dominates the start of the match... so he let's Jeff secure a hold on him.T

The Butcher soon tires of this rookie and proceeds to show everyone why he is called the BUTCHER!!

The Butcher relishes weaker opponents...

......because it brings out the animal in him... as Jeff soon discovers... as his face is being re-arranged.

This new play-thing for The Butcher. Jeff suffers cobra clutches...

...sleepers and other humiliating holds.

The Butcher enjoys hurting Jeff.

So much punishment"," but the youngster is game to put up a struggle.

The Butcher won't take the victory... until AFTER he decides to dish out more punishment.

Jeff showed he was a competitor and... who knows... with more experience he might be able to surprise men like The Butcher.


The Butcher vs Sylvain

A test of strength between the veteran pro wrestler and Sylvain.

Sylvain has the Butcher on the mat"," but the veteran...

...soon finds himself in control as he bear hugs Sylvain.

Sylvain is no slouch as he clamps on a sleeper and he forces his man to the mat where he remains on top of him.

A came clutch may have the Butcher down but...

...not out"," as Sylvain finds himself trapped in a full nelson.

The veteran begins his assault on poor Sylvain.

Sylvain doesn't know what HIT him"," as the Butcher once more earns his name.

Try as he might"," Sylvain can't escape the clutches of the Butcher.

He is down for the count as Kid TNT"," the guest referee"," holds up Sylvain's arm for the third and final fall.

Jeff watches in the background as the Butcher relishes his 2nd victory!


Fred vs Jeff

While Jeff may have given Fred a run for his money at arm wrestling"," the youngster soon learns who's the MAN!!

Try as he may"," he can't escape from Fred's vice-like grip.

Look at poor Jeff struggle to break free.

Now Jeff is trapped inside those massive"," powerful legs.

Fred is in COMPLETE control"," and the more...

...Jeff tries to escape"," Fred makes him pay.

Once Fred clamps on the sleeper hold"," Jeff has been so weakened... Fred's dominance"," that it is an easy 3 count. Wait a minute... Fred wants to punish Jeff some more!!

Fred punishes Jeff with another sleeper...

...then lays him out on the mat until he tells Kid TNT"," the guest referee"," to signal the end of the match!!!!

Jeff is then unceremoniously removed from the practice room!!


Fred vs The Butcher

Fred and the Butcher...

...engage in a test of strength.

Fred is victorious and immediately clamps on a Bear Hug.

The wily Butcher is able to escape and secures a Bear Hug of his own on Fred.

The Butcher becomes more confident and so...

...he decides to fasten a full nelson on the Big Man.

But Frdd will have none of this as he has his opponent in a sleeper then...

...a chin lock and while sitting on his opponent"," Fred makes his man suffer.

But The Butcher is hard to pin down...

...and he is relentless in his attack on Fred.

But the Big Man's stamina wins out in the end...

However"," he is not content to simply beat his man he wants to dish out more punishment.

A humiliating end for The Butcher as Sylvain happily looks on.
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