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PWP Wrestling

Sleeper 3

Sleeper 3

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Alexi vs Jimmy

Jimmy starts the match in control... Alexi doesn't know what hit him... but...

...he LOVES to be in control and here he has Jimmy all wrapped up inside those big thighs.

On the mat"," Jimmy feels the power of Alexi's arms.

This is an interesting pose... Alexi has Jimmy down on the mat in a sleeper...

Look at those powerful thighs and long legs.

Jimmy tries to do some tit twisting to break free...

...only to find himself in bigger trouble.

What a sleeper Jimmy finds himself locked into.

Alexi smiles because he knows Jimmy"," PWP's newest stud muffin can't escape.

Jimmy keeps trying but...

...once on the mat... its all over now for Jimmy boy!!

What a devilish smile on Alexi's face. He's quite the wrestler and one hell of a man!!


The Intense Gabriel vs Joey

Gabriel"," or 'Gab' to his friends","sees Joey"," PWP's latest stud muffin.

Those powerful arms are secured over Joey's neck.

Joey FEELS the Intensity of Gab.

Those powerful thighs have the poor stud muffin...

...dizzy with pain.

Gab LOVES to squeeze and pound the mat with thsose powerful legs...

...especially when Joey's head is trapped between them.

Another sleeper on Joey...

...and you can hear Gab tell Joey to go to sleep.

What a powerful man!!


Alexi vs Joey

The big man is all over Joey... as Joey"," our stud muffin...

...soon discovers. Alexi looks down on this poor victim.

Alexi decides to put those thighs to work on Joey's neck... what a view of...

...Alexi's perfect 'bubble butt'.

Alexi loves to control his opponent.

Not content to have Joey share the view of his gorgeous bubble butt"," he makes Joey suffer while looking up at that huge basket!!

A camel clutch"," while not allowed"," is quickly...

...transformed into a perfect sleeper.

Joey's energy has been sapped.

He tries to fight off Alexi but soon succumbs to Alexi's power!


Gabriel vs Jimmy

Gab is all over Jimmy as he secures a tight sleeper...

...and then decides to put some intense pressure on...

...Jimmy's neck. Poor Jimmy... he looks out of it.

Gab not content to just squeeze decides to twist those long fingers of Jimmy's.

More intense pain on that neck.

Jimmy tries to kick himself free but only gets...

...a close look at Gab's basket.

Somehow Jimmy is able to find the energy to clamp a sleeper of his own on Gab.

But Gab's strength has Jimmy suffering...

...and once on the couch"," its only a matter of time before...

...our blond stud muffin finds himself... la-la land!!


Jimmy vs Joey

The smaller"," Joey"," gets Jimmy down on the mat and takes...

...the early advantage over the taller wrestler.

Jimmy may be new to PWP but he has Joey in a painful sleeper...

...but our smaller stud muffin has Jimmy trapped in a powerful head scissors!

Jimmy reverses and clamps on a head scissors of his own...

...but Joey is quick to secure a sleeper and carefully...

...manoeuvers the bigger man to the couch...

...where he retains control... Jimmy struggles to free himself.

The more he tries the tighter Joey's grip becomes...

...until Jimmy"," our newest stud muffin"," goes down for the count!!


Alexi vs Gabriel

(with some outside interference)

Alexi smirks as he takes command of the first fall.

But theIntense Onereverses and has Alexi grimacing in pain.

Those powerful legs wrapped around Alexi's neck...

...and some finger and wrist twisting have Alexi in agony!

But a punch to Gab's leg and Alexi finds himself...

...again in control over the powerful Gab!

Gab regains control and clamps those powerful arms around Alexi's neck.

Alexi fights to extricate himself but can't escape while Gab leisurely watches his opponent go to sleep... or so he thinks.

As he walks away to declare victory"," Alexi jumps up and clamps a sleeper on Gab. Alexi had faked been knocked out!!

Alexi has Gab down for the count but out of nowhere Joey runs onto the mat and blind sides Alexi.

Gab thanks his new found buddy and proceeds to destroy...

...Alexi. What will Alexi do to avenge his disgrace??
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