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Sleeper 2

Sleeper 2

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2 out of 3 Falls


Special 'K' is in control over this rookie.

But Rico is tough"," wiry and Special 'K' soon discovers.

But our veteran has the little guy under his control...

...again and again he clamps a sleeper on the rookie...

...until Rico has no fight left in him and the first fall goes to our Special heel...

The 2nd fall begins with the rookie Rico in command...

...then the bigger man regains control...

...but the tough and wiry Rico is able to take the advantage...

...and surprisingly the second fall goes to the rookie..Rico.

Losing to a rookie makes Special 'K' he takes it out on Rico's trunks.

Here he lifts Rico high above the mats. to show him who is boss.

After several sleepers"," Special 'K' puts his brand on the rookie.



2 out of 3 Falls

Seacute,bastien vs Danny Boy

Seacute,bastien has a tight headlock on Danny Boy and begins in control over this rookie.

But the Big Boy reverses on Seacute,bastien..and clamps his first sleeper on Seacute,bastien.

Seacute,bastien is on the floor with Danny all over him...making the veteran sweat...

...but the Big Man soon has the rookie where he wants him and the 1st fall goes to our champion Seacute,bastien.

The 2nd fall begins with Danny Boy punishing Seacute,bastien.

Here he gloats as he clamps on a sleeper.

Danny' smirk says it're mine now...and the veteran falls to the rookie in the 2nd fall.

The final fall is all Seacute,bastien. Here he punishes Danny Boy with his first sleeper of the fall.

Then makes him suffer with a scissor's sleeper combination.

Seacute,bastien gets on top of the Big Boy and Danny knows it's all over for him now.

He struggles and struggles to break free from the Big Man's hold and weight... but can't... and succumbs to our veteran wrestler.

Here Seacute,bastien decides to do some push-ups over his fallen victim!!


2 out of 3 Falls

Seacute,bastien vs Rico

Seacute,bastien knows how to punish rookies.Those Big Arms are wrapped all over Rico's head.

Poor Rico may be tough"," wiry and agile... but he looks like a rag doll here under the spell of the veteran wrestler.

Down on the mat"," Seacute,bastien wraps those thick thighs around Rico and clamps a sleeper on him... much as he trys"," Rico can't extricate himself from the Big Man's grasp...

...Seacute,bastien is in control... and on top of his second victim... Rico can't escape from the Big Man's powerful arms.

The wiry rookie is up for the 2nd fall as he takes command and chokes the veteran with a front head lock.

Here he enjoys the control he has over the Big Man...

...but Seacute,bastien is able to take the advantage... Rico begins to pay for his 'sins'.

But surprisingly the rookie... Rico... clamps on a sleeper that lasts and lasts..

Rico relishes the control...when you think he has the veteran down for the count"," he adds more pressure and taunts...

...the veteran... Rico does this several times..For me (Dan)"," this was a very sexy ending.

The 3rd fall..Seacute,bastien is upset.. .he doesn't let the rookie out of his clutches.

Here he he stays on top of the rookie to show him who is boss.

A punishing sleeper-scissors combination has the rookie gasping for air.

Once on top of his victim for the 3rd time"," Seacute,bastien puts Rico out of his misery..What an amazing match-up!


2 out of 3 Falls

Special 'K' vs Danny Boy

Special 'K' dominates the beginning of the match. Here he applies his first sleeper on Danny Boy.

But the Big Boy has ability and attitude... as Special 'K' soon discovers..

But our veteran uses a back-breaker to regain the uper hand...

...and the blonde Big Boy has the veteran in his 2nd sleeper hold...

The young stud takes a neck breaker and this proves fatal ... the Blonde Big Boy goes down to Special 'K' in the first fall.

Here the veteran leans over his fallen prey.

Don't challenge Special 'K' to a feat of strength.

Not surprisingly Special 'K' dominates the second fall..

But the cagey rookie has the Big Man suffering on the mat.

The young stud is on top of Special 'K' (Is he copying Seacute,bastien's move?)putting on the pressure.

The rookie takes one fall and no one is more surpried than Dan"," except maybe Special 'K' himself.

Special 'K' is pissed and clamps on a special sleeper.

The young blonde stud isn't finished..He has stamina and almost has the veteran out for his second win... but...

...another devastating neck-breaker has the young rookie down.

And it isn't long before Danny Boy is down for the count..a close call for our veteran heel!! Is Danny Boy an up and coming star?


2 out of 3 Falls

Special 'K' vs Seacute,bastien

This is the match-up we all have been waiting for...after his defeat inK'oed"," Seacute,bastien is out for blood..but quickly finds himself dominated by Special 'K'.

But Seacute,bastien comes back and punishes 'K' with a headlock...

...and then mounts his prey...

...again and again he has Special 'K' on the receiving end of punishing holds..

This sleeper hold has the 'K' in trouble...

...and down he goes... It looks like Seacute,bastien's back in true form.

But the big man begins the 2nd fall with his own version of the camel clutch...

...and soon has Seacute,bastien on the mat grimacing in pain.

The 'K' continues to punish Seacute,bastien with arm bars and sleepers...

...until the end of Match #2 sees 'K' victorious. The stage is set for Fall #3.

Seacute,bastien begins with another of his punishing headlocks...

Seacute,bastien is in control. He has 'K' rocking back and forth... dizzy and ready for 'termination'.

But some outside interference from one of the new rookies (can you guess which one?)"," turns the tables on Seacute,bastien's domination of the fall.

Special 'K' is able to come out the victor over Seacute,bastien in this match but we all know this isn't over. The next time these 2 meet"," each man will have an 'advocate' in his corner to keep the contest fair.
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