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PWP Wrestling

Sexy Eddie Destroyed - DVD

Sexy Eddie Destroyed - DVD

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Joe loses the test of strength..


Joe is on his knees as Big Steve clamps on an arm bar..



Joe is able to get the upper hand ...


only to have Steve reverse and find himself trapped on the mat..



A powerful body scissors on Joe...


watch that bubble butt squirm on the mat.



Joe comes back with an on the mat arm bar...


But Steve reverses and is now on top of Joe..



Big Steve clamps on a back breaking bear hug...


Joe tries with all his might to break free...but can't..



Joe submits but Steve refuses to end the match..


Joe goes down to a sleeper...


Steve relaxes on top of Joe..then..picks his

fallen victim up and carries him out to the back room..




Sexxy Eddie vs JOE



Joe and Eddie battle it out in a


a test of strength...



Eddie wins the test of strength and has Joe ina headlock...


Now its Joe's turn to pull hair and walk around the mat with Eddie..



Joe makes Eddie suffer...


a hard knee to Eddie's back has him crying out in pain..



joe refuses to stop his attack on Eddie's body..


try as he might to break free..Eddie gets hammered back to the mat..



Eddie's head is trapped inside Joe's


legs...and all he can see starring down his face is..well"," you know..



It will soon all be over..


for the sexxy he begins his descent to the mat..




Joe poses over Eddie and decides to relax on top of his fallen opponent..







The powerful Etien easily beats Joe in a test of strength...


a crushing headlock...



Joe gets a pounding....


Etien plays with Joe...lets him escape...



Joe thinks he has Etien where he wants him...however..


Joe quickly he is trapped in Etien's powerful bear hug..




Joe is tough and keeps pounding away at Etien...but to no avail..


Etien secures a nerve hold on Joe ..weakening his opponent even more..



a tightly secured head scissors is followed by..


a series of bear hugs...



Etien toys with Joe as he swings him from front to back to side bear hugs..


..until Joe can take it no longer..



a victory pose over Joe...


off to the back room with you..




BIG STEVE vs Sexxy Eddie



SEXXY EDDIEstarts wuickly...he has Steve in a headlock...but showboats for the camera..


This only results with Eddie trapped in Steve's he knees Eddie continuously in the head..



Hair pulling and a struggling Eddie..


what can a poor sexxy boy do when his arm is trapped in a vice-like grip??



Steve continues the punishment...


then moves to Eddie's back...




over and over again"," Eddie is lifted off the mat.


as he squirms to free himself from Steve's grip..then its up in the air ...until eddie submits



then its a finishing pose..and


off to the back room with his victim...







SEXXY EDDIE is no match for Etien...


front and back bear hugs has Eddie in major pain..



down on the mat?? up you go..punk..


Eddie can not move....



Etien continues his assault on Eddie's legs and back..


punching Eddie repeatedly on the lower back..




back to the bear hug....


from both sides...



now its a body scissors and arm bar..


Eddie is suffering big time...



more bear hug action on Eddie...


how much more can he take???



SEXXY EDDIE submits but Etien decides to


put the sexxy man to sleep



posing over his fallen victim...


then picks Eddie up and takes him into the back room....
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