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PWP Wrestling

Rough & Raunchy 9

Rough & Raunchy 9

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The bulldog is a powerful opponent and here Mathieu tries some grabbing to get out of the headlock...

...only to be put in a head scissors...

...but Mathieu escapes and clamps on a camel clutch on The Bulldog.

Mathieu soon finds himslef on the mat. Bulldog is getting restless...

...punishing Mathieu...

...making him suffer.

The Big Man looks down on his hapless opponent as he applies a tight full nelson.

Mathieu is helpless on the mat...

...trying to wriggle his way out of The Bulldog's bone crushing head scissors.

Brutus puts his puppy dog opponent to sleep.

Mathieu is out like a light!!

Bulldog picks up his victim"," stares into the camera...

...and walks out of the room with Mathieu draped over his shoulders.WOW!



Mario's is known for his cocky attitude. His side headlock...

...on Mathieu now on the mat...

Mario has watched the previous match and thinks he can easily...

...defeat Mathieu. Here he clamps on a body scissors...

...and then squeezes Mathieu's head between those thick thighs.

But Mathieu makes a brief comeback...

...and rides Mario's back.

Mario is on top","literally"," again.

...stretching his opponent andLOVINGall of it!

He drapes Mathieu over his knee"," squeezing the life out of...

...his opponent. Can you see the intensity on Mario's face?

Mario's a happy man!



Mathieu has been beaten up by both Bulldog and Mario.

So he resorts to dirty tricks to get the upper hand over Derek

Derek squeezes Mathieu's head so hard"," you know he hasExcedrin Headache #1.

Mathieu won't give in and begins his assault on Derek...

...camel clutches his fallen opponent and...

...then body scissors Derek.

Derek has a few tricks up his sleeve and Boston crabs Mathieu...

...then proceeds to grind his foot into Mathieu's butt...

...then turns him over and pushes hard into his groin.

Mathieu won't be kept down and does some grabbing of his own...

...again and again...

...and again until Derek can stand it no more.

Mathieu senses victory... clamps a sleeper on Derek...

...and when its over"," triumphantly poses for the camera!



The Big Man is all over Derek... pulling...

...stretching his opponet in every conceivable way.

The grimace on Derek's face says it all.

Derek isn't giving in... first"," sitting on the Bulldog...

...then camel clutching him.

Bulldog will have none of that as he leisurely clamps a Boston Crab...

...then headlock's Derek and drags him in the corner of the room where he can't escape.

Brutus LOVESto show off his strength.

His powerful full nelson has Derek... a daze.

When Brutus clamps those mitts over his opponent's neck...

...well its all over","period!

The Bulldog poses...

...then picks up his semi-conscious victim and carries him out of the room!



Mario's knows he is in over his head. Here Brutus has Mario trapped in a side headlock...'What's up Punk?'

The Bulldog decides to concentrate on Mario's legs.

His Boston Crab is a painful hold.

Mario looks out of Bulldog's full nelson...

...Mario is trapped and squirming in pain.

Mario get's a short stab at hurting the Big Man but...

...Brutus easily turns the tables.'What a beautiful butt'

'Want to see mine?'Bulldog squeezes so hard"," Mario's head is about to pop.

Mario had watched Derek and Mathieu's match and decides the only way he can win is to do some dirty work.

Mario grabs Brutus from behind...

...clamps on a sleeper...

...but knows he can't defeat the Big Man this way so

...(unknown to all of us)Mario had hidden some chloroform inside his street clothes.

He grabs a rag"," soaks it with chloroform and proceeds to knock out his bigger opponent.

Mario flexes that body"," as he stands over the defeated big guy.



Derek had watched all the previous matches and is ready to take on Mario.

Mario's cocky attitude has Derek staring down Mario's crotch...

...not once but twice.

Mario rides Derek by surf boarding him.

Mario thinks he can't be defeated. Look at his cockiness...

Mario parades Derek around the room"," pulling his hair. It seems Mario can't be beaten.

Mario can sense the energy leaving Derek.

Mario adds insult to injury by sitting on Derek's face...

Mario decides to finish it and clamps on a sleeper. Everyone thought Derek was out for the count. But he was playing possum!

Before Mario could counter"," Derek had Mario in a sleeper... but he wasn't finished yet.

Knowing where Mario had hidden the chlorofrom"," he soaks it....

...and smothers Mario to sleep.

Derek school boy pins Mario.'Take that little man'.

Woof... What a surprise ending!!Especially for Mario.
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