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PWP Wrestling

Rough & Raunchy 8

Rough & Raunchy 8

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Denis vs Serge

Denis gets out of Serge's tight headlock...

...and keeps the pressure on from behind..oh that's gotta hurt.

Serge does to Denis what Denis did to him... oh how biblical...

...Serge punishes Denis. Can arms be twisted that hard!!

Serge has Denis head squeezed between those...

...massive thighs...OH the power!

Denis squeezes Serge and gets out of the scissors hold...

...which sets him up for Serge's finishing move...

...only to find himself in Serge's INTENSE bearhug.

There's no escaping this backbreaker-ball squeezing combo.

Serge's final victory pose with his foot on Denis' groin!!


James vs Serge

Serge has James suffering in a tight headlock...

Serge almost squashes poor James' head...

...but a low grab puts James in control. he has Serge in a butt-facing head scissors.

But the BIG GUY easily dominates James...

...who finds himslef grabbed and punished.

But James is able to get Serge in a painful arm bar...

...and does some tit twisting for effect!

James gets cocky...

...and Serge soon has James all wrapped up...

Serge stands triumphant"," foot to gut...

...then balls to face"," over the destroyed James.

BALLS TO FACE PIN. VICTORY IS SWEET!But so is defeat"," eh James!!!


Ricky 'The Bulge' vs James

James knows why Ricky's nickname is 'THE BULGE' and now so do you!

Ricky's dirty tactics gets him a handfull!

"Shut Up PUNK" as Ricky smothers James.

James tries to escape by grabbing Ricky's balls but Ricky easily retaliates with his own grab!

James gets a temporary advantage with a body scissors-leg lock combo.

Ricky's knuckle duster on James...

What kind of hold is this Ricky??BUT Ricky isn't finished torturing the punk.

Ricky completely dominate James... James is almost out!

Ricky wants his man down and out!!

And what a pretty sight it is as James struggles but MUST succumb to Ricky's prowess!

RICKY'S pose over his VICTIM.


Denis vs Ricky

Ricky has Denis by the balls...

...then exacts some pain with a searing arm bar and twist.

But Denis long held full nelson has...

...Ricky's body moving like a bag of jelly...

...a body scissors and a grab of Ricky's BIG BULGE...

...and it seems like its all over for Ricky...

...but the cagey martial arts veteran gains the upper hand.

With a painful butt-in-your-face head scissors... hair pulling optional!!

Once Ricky clamps on his sleeper...

...its curtains for Denis... all his struggling for nothing!!

RICKY is someone to watch out for and fear!


Denis vs James

Denis administers punishment to James in a tight headlock.

The only way out is by delivering a low grab to Denis' basket!

But Denis will have none of that as James finds out.

These guys go back and forth putting the pain and punishment to each others privates!

A butt-in-your-face-head scissors.

James knuckle dusts Denis and it seems like James in gaining the upper hand...

James has Denis wrapped up and ready for delivery.

But Denis gives it one more try with a cruel headlock...

To no avail as James clamps on a sleeper and slowly...

...its all over for Denis.James is VERY happy.


Ricky vs Serge

Serge has Ricky is a double arm bar and it...

...appears that physical size matters as Serge dominates the smaller man.

Serge thinks he has an easy victor as he continues to manhandle Ricky.

But Ricky is no punishing bag and a hard grab has...

...Ricky putting the squeeze to Serge with his figure-four head scissors...

...Ricky's camel clutch and...

...head twist have Serge spinning in pain!

Then a knee to Serge's head has theBIG MAN...

...wondering what happened!

Ricky relishes the pain he is inflicting on Serge...

...but the 'piece de resistance' is Ricky's backbreaker-ball grabbing combo... which he keeps on Serge long after Serge gives up!!!What an evil little guy.

Ricky's final victory pose!!

And the final touch to tell Serge and everyone in PWP who's BOSS!!
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