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PWP Wrestling

Rough & Raunchy 4

Rough & Raunchy 4

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Match #1


THIS IS ONE VERY SEXY MATCH-UP. Each man will stop at nothing to gain the advantage. Here"," Lenny grabs Denis by the balls"," from the back!

Then Denis punishes Larry in a mean torture rack...

...once on teh mat"," Denis delivers even more ball punishment ...

...He arm bars Larry"," sits on him"," then proceeds to have his way with him..

...even while sitting on Larry's head"," Denis keeps working on Larry's balls...

...but the cagey Larry is able to escape and clamps on a sleeper and twists and turns Denis' head..the pain is excruciating

...but denis reverses and continues his attack on Larry..

Denis stays on top and punishes Lenny while sitting on him..He has total control and uses it. that Denis has Larry weakened"," he clamps a standing chicken-wing...and laughs at Larry's pain.

Lenny's arms are on the receiving end of Denis' punishment..

Larry is pretty much putty in Denis' hands..and Denis loves to show his dominance by continually grabbing Lenny's 'poche' .....

Denis' victory pose over Larry's is a sight to behold!

Match #2

Guillaume: The GraveDigger vs LENNY

Lenny grabs hold of the only part of the GraveDigger's body that can give him an advantage.

But the Big Man puts a bone-crushing squeeze on Lenny..and Lenny"," who is no slouch"," is carried around the room...grimacing in pain..

...and the Big Man isn't afraid to grab Lenny where the sun don't shine..

...but Lenny reverses"," first with an arm bar"," and then makes the Big Man walk 'round the room with his hand tucked under his crotch!

...but Guillaume soon has Lenny in pain...

...and the scissors that gorgeous head in a figure-four.

...but Lenny reverses in the only way he knows..with a fist full of .....

a mean full nelson has the Big man in pain but

...the Big Man reverses and shows Lenny what pain is when he delivers his own full nelson!

Lenny grabs and holds on hoping to tire out the Big Man.

but Lenny is no match for the GraveDigger as he is torture-racked .....

...and submits to the Big Man's prowess.."Look up at me little man"

Match #3

Kid TNT vs Guillaume: The GraveDigger

Kid TNT wears a thong in this match..Here he is punished by the GraveDigger in a painful Bear Hug.

But the Kid grabs Guillaume's balls to take control...

...and delivers even more ball punishment until...

...he has the Big Man on the mat in a head scissors-arm bar combination.

..."you want to feel pain little man" Guillaume lowers those huge thighs over the Kid's head...

and then raises him up the balls.....

...but the Kid is a veteran wrestler and manages to put the 'boots' to the Big Man's basket..

but Guillaume does some smart grabbing of his own to keep the Kid at bay!!

...but the Kid tries to stomp the Big Man into submission..

but the GraveDigger's torture rack and a half means the Kid's days are over..

but the Big Man refuses to simply let go ...he wants to punish the Kid for his trangsressions .....

...and when it is all over"," the Big Man enjoys his victory over his defeated victim!

Match #4


Kid TNT begins the match in control of Lenny with a mean headlock and some eye gouging.

He then grabs the Kid's balls and watches him scream in agony...

...and delivers even more ball punishment from behind...

...The Kid is out of Lenny lays helpless.

...but when trapped in the Kid's head scissors"," Lenny finds a way out...

...He then does some fancy foot work of his own!!!

...and pays the Kid back by raking his eyes..

then puts on a mean full nelson...the Kid is in pain..

...Lenny does more groin punishment...

and Lenny's version of a wedgie proves too painful for the Kid

Lenny puts a version of the chicken wing on the Kid and ....

...then lifts him into a torture rack..the little guy is tough!

Lenny's victory pose says it all!!

Match #5


Kid TNT begins the match in control of Denis with a mean grab to the groin..

But Denis reverses and has the Kid trapped in an arm bar combination..

...and then delivers even more pain with a long held

...full nelson..Look at teh pain in the Kid's face..

...but the veteran Heel is able to reverse and"," while trapped in a head scissors","

pulls Denis' trunks to reveal that bulbous butt...The Kid can't control himself and goes after what he wants..

...but Denis is able to regain control and does some groin pain of his own.

Denis puts the tight squeeze on the Kid.

...Denis knows he is now in control of the match

and decides to finish the Kid with a painful chicken wing...

Denis relishes his victory over his one time friend!!

Match #6

Guillaume: The GraveDigger vs LENNY

This seems like a mis-match as the GraveDigger is all over Lenny at teh start of the match.

The Big Man's Bear Hug is a wonder to behold...Those powerful arms wrapped around Lenny's body..oh"," my!!

...but the little man knows how to get things turned around

...and puts the Big Man in a sleeper of his own only.. have him get out in teh only way he knows!

This mean head lock and hair pulling has Lenny wondering why he decided to enter the mat with this behemoth.

...a head scissors - ball grabing combination on teh smaller man..

but Lenny decides to let his foot do all the walking..all over Guillaume's groin..

.Lenny thinks he has the Big Man when he clamps on a figure-four leg lock..

But the Big man is able to find a way to escape...

..and then it is all over for the young man as the GraveDigger makes Lenny suffer in his torture rack ...

'Eat this little man' as Guillaume chalks up another victory!
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