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PWP Wrestling

Rough & Raunchy 10

Rough & Raunchy 10

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with KID TNT - Guest Referee

Who ever wins the test of strength gets to choose which hold he will punish his opponent with!

Frederick appears in command... but Marky wins the test of strength.What a display of muscle power!!

Marky secures a bear hug on Frederick as his hold of choice. How long does Frederick last before he submits??

Now its Frederick's turn and he clamps on a bone crushing head scissors.

Look at those thighs work over Marky's head. How long can he last??

I won't say who won the first round... but Marky's next choice is a camel clutch.

The Big
For a newcomer"," he's not without his own bag of dirty tricks.

It's Marky's turn to pay with a full nelson.

Frederick has him on the mat in pain and agony"," while Kid TNT counts off the seconds.

Marky's next hold is a bone crushing headlock

More cheating which keeps Kid TNT busy.

What's a referee to do?!? Marky keeps the pressure on the Big Man.Who wins the endurance match? You'll have to watch it to find out!



The much bigger Frederick thinks he'll have it easy with Derek. BUT Derek is the dirtiest wrestler in PWP!

From grabbing Frederick's groin to raking his opponent's eyes... what else will the little terror do?

But of course... hair pulling.

Its only a matter of time before the Big Man wraps his arms around Derek's neck and sholders in a powerful full nelson.

Frederick then makes Derek feel the pain of...

...his body scissors...

But the wiry little competitor goes for the gold...

...then pushes his foot into Frederick's groin.

More man handling by Derek... hair pulling...

...and raking his opponent across the eyes.

The Big Man reverses and Derek is going to...

...get a beating.

The power of Frederick's bear hug almost breaks Derek in two.

But its the power of the torture rack that signals who will win this match.WOW!



These two powerful men match muscle to muscle at...

...the beginning of this match.

Brutus is the first to get a powerful bear hug on...

...Frederick... and you can see the power of those arms as Frederick melts to the mat.

Front face lock and arm bar...

...but Frederick puts a mean full nelson on Brutus.

He then twists his opponent's arm in all directions...

...and then places his knee on Brutus' head as he applies the pressure even more onto that arm.

Its time for those powerful legs to body scissor

Brutus who tries to break free from his opponent's clutches.

But once Brutus gets those huge arms wrapped in a...

...full nelson... he is able to get Frederick onto the mat.

Well"," its time for beddy bye for Frederick.




This is a mis-match...but Derek resorts to every trick he can to get the upper hand.

Unfortunately"," he is up against Brutus... hair drags Derek up from the mat....

...and squeezes the life out of poor Derek.

He is helpless on the mat and Brutus is getting ready to have his feet kissed by Derek.

Punishing the little guy some more... before...

...Derek come back... and has...

...Brutus kissing something else...

A double head scissors... how did that happen??

A back breaker on Derek.. and goodness...

...some ball grabbing from our cleaner than clean wrestler??

Derek fights every corner of the way...

...and no matter what Brutus does (see torture rack)"," Derek refuses to give up and kiss Brutus' feet.

Brutus has to bring in some back-up...

...and Derek is forced to not only kiss but lick Brutus' foot. What a humiliating turn of events for Derek!

And it was his birthday to boot!!




Derek is at it again... this time against Marky.

Some dirty tricks and Marky doesn't know what hit...

...him! He seems ready to go down... Derek brings him over to the chloroform on the chair in the corner of the room.

But Marky fights off his assailant and clamps...

...those tighs around Derek's head!!

But the cagey veteran stomps on Marky's privates and...

...proceeds to punish Marky with a figure four leg lock.

Derek has him over to the chair once more but Marky pulls some hair... Kid TNT has his work cut out for him.

Front chancery has Derek down on the mat.

But more ball grabbing has him now in...

...control over Marky... hair pulling... where is Kid TNT??

And there is more ilegal tactics until Marky...

...decides to do some grabbing of his own.

Marky lifts Derek up into a torture rack and Derek...

...has little option but to succumb... the power of Marky.
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