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PWP Wrestling

Rough & Raunchy 1

Rough & Raunchy 1

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Match #1

Denis Matthews vs Lenny

Denis has Lenny by the balls.Lenny has to release the headlock.

Denis puts on the pressure on the arm lock he has on Lenny...

...and then decides to do some more damage to poor Lenny's 'basket'...

...but the wiry young man reverses and seeks his revenge...

...with his own arm bar and neck punishment...

...Denis is reeling in pain...

...but Denis is able to regain dominance as he has Lenny's arm between his legs...

...then decides to pull his hair own by the roots!!

Denis once again has Lenny is a punishing arm bar.

But the lean man reverses by grabbing some nuts of his own!

Denis is still in pain as Lenny starts to pull his head off.....

...and then decides to pull some more.

The end is in sight for poor Denis... Lenny stays in control and eventually puts Denis down to sleep.

Once on top"," he grinds his foot into Denis' head for good measure!

Match #2

Kid TNT vs Serge Legros

Kid TNT against a much bigger man.TNT is in control and relishes every moment of it.

TNT gets ready to lower the boom on Serge...

...but the bigger man reverses and puts TNT in a crushing bearhug.

TNT once again on top and into Serge's nose.

The Big man puts the squeeze on the smaller TNT..

...and then decides to do some nose work on TNT.

TNT regains control and puts the pain on Serge with a camel clutch.

But the big man decides to play dirty and grabs TNT by the balls and squeezes hard!

It's pretty well all over for TNT... he suffers from a painful full nelson...

...again and again he tries to escape but...

...finds himself in more and more pain until he can't take it any more.

Match #3

Kid TNT vs Lenny

TNT thinks he can whip the smaller Lenny.TNT begins with a bone crushing headlock.

Then a headscissor and armbar...

...only to have Lenny reverse and put TNT first in an armbar...

...and then pretty well all wrapped up.

A bearhug has TNT surprised and in pain...

...and the smaller man almost has TNT down with a sleeper until...

...TNT reverses with a bearhug and then...

...goes after Lenny's privates.

Once on the mat"," TNT squeezes some more and more...

...then humiliates Lenny with a front headscissors.

The end comes with a camel clutch submission.

TNT prades his victory over Lenny with his foot on Lenny's face.

Match #4

Denis Matthews vs Serge Legros

The Big Man verses the Lean Man.Serge dominates the start of the match.

He gets down and dirty early in the match... Denis grimaces in pain.

It seems every time Denis tries to gain the advantage by pulling and grabbing Serge's basket"," the bigger man is unaffected.

An armbar...

...and then a face clamp has Serge smiling from ear to ear.

Denis is weakened by the bone crushing...


...but not defeated.

Now it is his turn to make Serge suffer.

The Lean Man continues to pressure point Serge...

...and every time Serge tries to escape"," Denis just grinds some more until...

...its all over for Serge. Here Denis poses over the defeated man.

Match #5

Denis Matthews Lenny


Kid TNT Serge Legros

The match begins with the smaller guys in control.

Wiry Lenny is a feast for the eyes as he...

...controls the much beigger Serge.

TNT can't stand it so he comes in from behind and drills his arm into Lenny's balls!

Denis is mad and ready to interfere...

...but Lenny decides to return the favor and watch TNT scream in pain.

Denis then gains the upper hand...

...over TNT with a chin lock...

...but the big man enters the mat area and slaps a full nelson on Denis..

Then TNT puts his finisher on Lenny whose legs are rendered useless.

Then its Denis' turn as the two gang up on...

...him and force him to submit.
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