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PWP Wrestling

Rebellion 3

Rebellion 3

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Match #1

Bad Boy vs The Rebel

Another fine muscle match-up between these two studs. Both muscled up and ready to kick eachothers butts"," they've gone toe to toe a few times and have a history of classic fights. The Rebel starts out strong scissoring his big opponent. Bad Boy then resorts to his 'Sex Machine' to slow down his strong foe. But the Rebel"," not taking any crap"," reverses the hard hold and comes back with a camel"," surfboard and sideheadlock and staggers the big guy. Bad Boy has to do something"," so low blows the hunk and the throws one of his big boston crabs on him"," and then works over the Rebels legs with a series of legbars and anklelocks. Resorting to Bad Boys tactics"," the Rebel low blows him and then starts his assault. The FANTASTIC action in this match-up is great to watch"," going back and forth with lots of technical moves"," that show off these guys awesome physiqueshellip, and lots of moves like choking"," hits to the crotch"," slaps to the pecs"," wedgies"," gut punching"," Bad Boy finally escapes a long headscissors and surprises the Rebel with another 'Sex Machine' that he can't shakehellip, the Rebel yells "I Give Up!!!". But that's not all for the Rebel. Lying in pain after the match"," Bad Boy returns to pound on his fallen foe some more. It's not over until the Rebel goes out in a sleeper.

A solid way to start out a solid tape. Bad Boy flexing over the Rebels fallen musclebod. Truly magnificent.

The Rebel gets an early advantage ...

...with a close-up and ....

...a painful arm stretch... punishing headlock.

...The bad One hits The Rebel with a low blow..

...tand proceeds to stretch him from limb to limb

The Rebel looks satisfied after delivering his own low blow

...and punishes the big man with a crushing bear hug.

Another head scissors....but

...the Bad One is able to put his finishing hold on The Rebel.

More punishment and then is bed time forThe Rebel.

Watching The Rebel go to la-la-land is something to behold

...The Bad One adds some humiliation of his own to the one time Heel of PWP wrestling!

Match #2

Brandon vs The Scottish Cowboy

This is the Scottish Cowboys first match. He comes to PWP with a solid"," nicely muscled body (big arms and shoulders) and enough wrestling skill to take on big vets like the great Brandon. Brandon"," again"," looks amazing. Body building competition physique. In the early going"," the action is great"," as the SC pits his strength in hard holds and does well. Brandon sees that he has underjudged the new guy and kicks it up a notch. Both hunks let out screams of pain in painfully held Boston crabs"," nelsons"," armbars"," sleepers"," scissors"," big side headlocks"," tests of strength"," and bearhugs. The Scottish Cowboy shows no concern for his opponent's track record"," skill or big physique"," and gives Brandon a solid match-up. You have to see Brandon's ab claw on the SChellip, Brandon's whole body straining and flexing to hold it onhellip, and the SC's muscles straining to break the hold. The hold is devastating. It slows the big rookie down enough to take control. The Scottish Cowboy is shaken enough by the ab claw"," that he's now easy prey for Brandon. The SC has no strength left in him and can't shake Brandon's powerful 'chin to chest' nelson. A long sleeper finally topples this new tough guy who gives big Brandon a solid match-up. BUT"," not satisfied with his victory"," Brandon returns to the SC"," as he lay facedown on the mat"," and delivers some kicks"," followed by some more of his painful clawing"," this time to the back. And once again Brandon returns to carry his beaten muscled foe (who was crawling back to the lockerroom) back to the mat to deliver another nelson that is harder than the first and strong enough to knock the SC out.

The Cowboy is a well-muscled athlete but Brandon gets an early advantage ...

...and The Cowboy soon finds out what its like to ber at the mercy of The Asian Assassin ....

...and a full nelson....

...but it isn't long before The Cowboy gets the upper hand...

...and gives the Brandon a powerful full nelson.

...and then proceeds to clamp on a sleeper.

But it isn't long before"," the Cowboy suffers at the hands and arms of Brandon. he must endure Brandon's full nelson.

The Cowboy's head is neatly tucked between those powerful thighs.

Brandon's legs bend the Cowboy's head. How can he endure the pain?

The Scottish Cowboy reels under the pain of Brandon's Asian claw hold. ...

...and eventually puts the hapless victim to rest.

Match #3

Bad Boy vs The Scottish Cowboy

You know this one will be great. These two are eager to go at it"," both carrying fantastic builds and killer good looks. Bad Boy is looking huge. The SC may not be as big as the Bad One"," but he is as confident and aggressive. BB starts out giving the SC a preview of what he can offer"," including the 'Sex Machine'. Bad Boy proving himself with hold after hold until the SC gets his game together. The SC slows down the big guy with scissors"," armbars"," toe holds"," lots of headlocks combination holds (scissors/toehold"," scissors/armbar) and unloads on him with choking"," elbow smashes"," gut punches"," face punches"," gauging and has Bad Boy almost worn down. When it looks as if BB is getting it together"," the SC low blows him"," drops a knee down on BB's glutes"," and then makes him scream in pain in a big surfboard. Things are looking tough for the Bad One. But BB's next 'Sex Machine' is successful"," and he follows it up with a staggering full nelson"," and then he wraps his big bicep around the SC's neck and sleepers his tough opponent out. Two tough worthy opponents that give it their all in this great matchup.

One of Bad Boy's best fights to watch. Not often do you see another guy be so dominating with him. Enjoy.

Bad Boy gets an early advantage ...Here he tries to smother the Cowboy.

...then he clamps on an arm bar and ....

...The bad One has The Cowboy down and makes him suffer!

...but it isn't long before The Cowboy gets the upper hand with a head lock...

...and gives the Bad One a smell of his arm pit...

...but The Bad One shows his prowess and clamps on a tight head scissors.

Then he rubs The Cowboy's face over the mat...

...and makes him suffer in this head matter what The Cowboy does"," he can't break free from the vice-like grip.

Before The Bad One finishes off the Cowboy"," he makes him suffer some more with a painful full nelson

...and soon afterward"," The Cowboy falls prey to the power of the Bad Boy's sleeper.

Match #4

Brandon vs The Rebel

This is a matchup long awaited for by PWP fans. It stages the Rebel (model good looks"," a fantastic physique that he likes to flex"," an aggressive and cocky nature"," commanding holds"," dominating skills against any comers"," and rarely looses a match)hellip, against Brandon (handsome"," body building competition physique"," amazing wrestling skill"," dominating against his opponents"," aggressive nature and hasn't lost a match yet). This match is ego vs ego and WILL be a CLASSIC match. The Rebel wants to prove he's PWP's top wrestler and Brandon wants to prove him wrong. Lot's of beef"," lots of skill"," lots of egohellip, who's going to prevail?

The Rebel starts this one out with a sideheadlock"," but not for long. Brandon retorts with a bearhug and full nelson that leaves the Rebel with some concern early on in this fight. Brandon follows it up with a sleeper and bodyscissors/armbar. Later he wraps his big arms around the Rebel and squeezes on one of the biggest bearhugs the Rebel has probably ever felt. Brandon"," keeping the same long bearhug"," has the Rebel bent over backwards squeezing him very hard and actually holding him suspended in the air completely controlling him and surprising him with his great show of strength. Then it's ab claw time"," Brandon starting out with one of his signature holds"," until the Rebel reverses it with his own. Even the Rebel's sleeper"," that is devastating to most"," doesn't do much to Brandon. He easily pounds his way out of it and tosses another nelson on the Rebel and begins his domination of our muscled hero. No one manhandles the Rebel"," but Brandon has him dominated with scissors/crab hold combinations"," fig-4 headscissors"," bodyscissors"," claws to his back muscles"," ab claws"," sideheadlocks"," and stomping. It's one of Brandon's vice-like nelsons that finally does the Rebel in. "I quit!! I quit!!hellip," the Rebel repeatedly begs. After his loss"," when the Rebel warily gets up"," Brandon assaults him again with another sleeper"," and more brutal clawing and stomping. The Rebel is trashed. Brandon came to this fight focused and with a big desire to beat the Rebel. Brandon dominates the Rebel for a lot of the match"," beating him and proving to the others in PWP that he may be top dog. Great fight!!

The Rebel gets an early advantage ...

...But Brandon soon slaps on a full nelson ....

...The Rebel revels as he squeezes Brandon's head..

...and then decides to do some facial massage.

...but Brandon comes back with a bear hug.

...and you will be amazed at the pain The Rebel endures from Branon's Asian Claw hold.

Another full nelson weakens The Rebel further..

...and with The Rebel on the mat Brandon continues his punishment.

a figure-four head scissors has the one time master heel in pain

...then more pain with another full nelson

As Brandon gets his prey ready..

...for the finisher..watching The Rebel go down is a treat to watch...

Match #5

Tag Team Match

'The Sex Machine' Big Boy and Brandon vs the Rebel and the Scottish Cowboy

This tagteam match-up has the 'SexMachine'"," Brandon and Bad Boy"," taking on the Rebel and the Scottish Cowboy. Brandon (sculpted bodybuilder physique). Bad Boy (big"," muscular"," and mean). The Rebel (beautifully built mega-hunk). And the Scottish Cowboy (newcomer"," who's build rivals any of the other guys). This has got to be a great match. Throughout"," these hunks double team eachother with combination holds"," really working eachother over"," with the Rebel and the Cowboy keeping up their momentum on their bigger opponents. It isn't until Big Boy and Brandon get their 'SexMachine' on the Rebel that the balance changes and the Rebel admits defeat. Although it doesn't stop therehellip, the Scottish Cowboy is yanked into it"," and with Brandon on the Rebel and Big Boy mauling the Cowboy"," they suffer in seemingly endless bearhugging"," nelsons"," and sleepers. What a Rebellion for our poor Rebel"," as he is out-muscled and beaten over and over again by Bad Boy and Brandon throughout this tape. Can this be the end to an era?? We'll see. Great tape with 4 PWP mega-hunks and loads of action.

The Sex Machine have The Rebel exactly where they want him..

...then they proceed to dish out some claw punishment to The Cowboy ....

...but The Cowboy delivers a low blow

..This gives The Rebel an opportunity to do a little pay back to the Bad One.

...The The Cowboy seems to enjoy giving the Bad One a wedgie..

...then both wrestlers proceed to humiliate the Bad One..

But Brandon won't stand idly he puts the Cowboy in a full nelson..look at the Cowboy suffer.

...but The Rebel comes to the rescue...

but the Rebel is no match for Brandon as the grimace on his face reveals..

...then it is all over for both wrestlers as the double sleeper will knock you out!
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