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PWP Wrestling

November Fall Fallout DVD

November Fall Fallout DVD

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JEFF in WHITE trunks

DENIS in RED trunks

BRAD in WHITE trunks

NICK in YELLOW thongs



JEFF and DENIS struggle for advantage in a test of strength. Denis has the young muscle boy in trouble with an ankle lock.

JEFF shows off his agility and cocky attitude as DENIS is caught in a punishing camel clutch.

However"," DENIS soon recovers and has muscle boy JEFF caught in a sleeper.

However"," our young muscleboy soon recovers and has DENIS caught on the mat in a butt facing head scissors!

Each combatant exchanges pec claws.

What is this? DENIS is an experienced mat wrestler and has JEFF under his control!

But wait. The young muscleboy gut punches DENIS several times ... then continues his punishment

of DENIS' gut with repeated gut punches and then drills his fists into DENIS' stomach.

JEFF's tactic is to soften DENIS up but the wiry wrestler punishes the young muscleboy with a painful wristlock and then massages the youngster's face with his fist!

JEFF now unleashes his brain bruster signature move. He relishes softening up DENIS' head ..Watch him put pressure on DENIS' temple and see the pain on DENIS's face!

But DENIS will have no more of the youngster's moves and makes him suffer with a backbreaker choke hold! Is this the end for JEFF?



JEFF plants a solid punch to NICK's gut! JEFF shows off his agility and cocky attitude as NICK's head and neck are caught in the youngster's front facelock!

However"," NICK tries to smother the

muscleboy but JEFF will have none of that as he positions NICK on the mat in a tightly held camel clutch!

First"," NICK has JEFF in a bone crushing bear hug...

Then"," it is JEFF's turn to squeeze and lift his opponent high over the mat!

NICK's new tactic is to soften JEFF by

smothering the muscleboy.

JEFF moves in on NICK's pecs but NICK follows suit by squeezing those tight young muscles so hard"," JEFF has to let go

and try to fight his way out of the hold!

His only chance is land a few haymakers and knock NICK to the mat!

First the brain buster has NICK reeling in pain, but the muscleboy doesn't stop there. After NICK is passed out from

the pain"," JEFF revives him and then puts NICK to sleep.

This is payback from their first match up!



NICK and BRAD struggle for advantage in a test of strength. However"," it is NICK who has BRAD in a bone crushing bear hug!

BRAD recovers and secures a choke hold on NICK.

NICK shows off his agility and cocky attitude as BRAD's head and neck are caught in Nick's vice-like grip.

Next"," NICK secures a handgag on Brad

Now it is BRAD who shows off his abilities with a punishing bear hug!

NICK puts the pressure on BRAD's back lifting him above the mat!

More bear hugs as BRAD keeps the pressure on NICK. NICK tries to break free but runs into some tight opposition!

NICK becomes desperate, so he lays a few haymakers on BRAD. He then puts BRAD in his backbreaker choke hold. Squirm as he might"," NICK keeps punishing BRAD until there is no life left in him!



DENIS is the winner in a test of strength but lanky and agile BRAD has DENIS trapped on the mat. Then he goes after those pecs!

Now it is DENIS who squeezes and pinches BRAD's tight pecs.

DENIS remains on top with BRAD's arms tied to his back. Hair pulling"," butt

slaps and general abuse has BRAD wishing he were somewhere else!

BRAD regains control with a face-in-butt head scissors. He gleefully punches and takes the opportunity to watch his opponent suffer.

DENIS needs to teach BRAD a lesson so a few punches to the head and a solid knee lift has BRAD on the mat!

But somehow BRAD keeps the pressure on DENIS with a choke hold.

BRAD keeps on coming with some gut punches and a painful nerve hold. DENIS looks ready to tap out here!

DENIS is one tough hombre as he rebounds back into the match. Here he has BRAD in a choke hold backbreaker....His signature finishing hold!

But DENIS is not finished with this tough opponent. He revives his prey only to put him to sleep.

This is what humiliation looks like:agrave, la DENIS!
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