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PWP Wrestling

Muscle Domination 2

Muscle Domination 2

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The Wrestlers

The Wrestling Matches

Match #1


The powerhouse known as Derek has Samuel trapped in a full nelson....

Samuel is grimacing in pain as Derek puts the pressure on a double arm bar..

Samuel fights back against a big and powerful man..

Samuel has Derek in an arm bar and a choke hold..Can he bring the BIG MAN down??

Samuel struggles inside those massive thighs.

Samuel tries punching his way out from Derek's life-draining body scissors.

Derek's big and powerful chest and arms have Samuel in trouble..but choking his opponent could force Derek to break the hold....

Or"," does Derek push off Samuel's aggression and carries the match with an over the knee back breaker and choke?

Match #2


Chuck is up against a big and powerful man..

But strength doesn't always count as Chuck chokes Derek to gain the advantage.

Chuck has Derek on the mat where he wants him..

On top and in control?

Derek breaks free and clamps a painful bear hug on Chuck..

What is a poor boy to do"," trapped in the clutches of this powerhouse??

Chuck finds himself upside down..

Grabbing that big butt and squeezing doesn't seem to bother Derek.

Does Derek out power Chuck to win the match?

Or"," does Chuck find the cunning and strength to defeat his stronger opponent?

Match #3

3-WAY Contest

The two smaller men decide to team up against the big and powerful Derek..

At first"," the two are able to gain the advantage..

While Derek conecntrates his efforts on Samuel"," Chuck comes from behind and delivers a low blow....

The two have Derek on the mat and ready to spread those big legs and crotch..

Derek regains control over Chuck..

..who finds his body trapped inside thsoe massive legs.

Samuel tries his turn with Derek ..

only to find himself face down and butt up with Derek in control and on top.

Chuck enters the fray and has Derek in a choke hold..

But that doesn't last long as Chuck is on the mat and Derek is in control.

Eye gouging gets Chuck out of Derek's bear hug.....

Here Chuck tries a pec claw ...

Will Derek win against both wrestlers as he..

....bear hugs them both into submission?

Match #4

Chuck Samson vs. Samuel

Grudge Match

Chuck wants Samuel because he feels Samuel failed to support him in the Round Robin match with Derek.

He wins the test of sstrength and gets Samuel on the mat in a surf-borad.

Chuck pulls Samuel's hair while secured in a body scissors..

Samuel doesn't aappreciate the dirty tactics so chokes Chuck on the mat.

Chuck wraps up Samuel in a head scissors and arm bar only... have Samuel's foot pressing down on his throat.

Chuck now has Samuel in an on the mat head lock..

..then wraps up Samuel in a full nelson..

Chuck has Samuel on the mat in a school boy pin..

..while taunting Samuel and gouging his eyes.

Chuck finds himself in trouble while Samuel regains control of the match...only..

to be choked by Chuck..

Does Samuel take control of the match after going for Chuck's big pouch??

Or"," does he continue to find himself on the receiving end of continued punishment by Chuck?
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