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PWP Wrestling

Montreal Locker Room Wrestling 2

Montreal Locker Room Wrestling 2

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Match #1

the Animal vs Konan

This is a great way to start a fantastic video. Our big muscular Animal up against a new guy to PWP"," and what seems to be a great challenger"," Konan. Animal starts fast"," and soon has him in a big sleeper. Konan toys with Animal and muscles his way out of every great hold our experienced Animal puts on him. Animal has Konan in pain with a big armbar"," but Konan starts to manhandle Animal in many ways. Every"," very experienced hold Animal puts on Konan"," he forces his way out. A scissors headlock nearly puts Animal out. They exchange hard held power holds. Sleepers"," headscissors"," armbars"," surfboard"," bearhugs and hard hits. One nearly putting the other out"," then the hold is powered out of. Lots of muscle. A little crotch-grabbing. Hot guys. Konan is a little rough on our Animal"," but the Animal seems to enjoy it. This match comes equipped with one of the hottest sleeper holds ever. Gotta see it.

The Animal begin his assault on Konan with a punishing headlock and a gouge to the face.

Konan is no slouch as he punishes the Animal in his own way with multiple head scissors.

The Animal is feeling the pressure of those massive thighs.

But the Animal has a few tricks up his sleeve. The long punishing sleeper is one of the most intense Dan (PWP) has witnessed. The Animal is a true Artiste.

Match #2

Sean vs Kid Q

Kid Q takes it to Sean right from the start. He is a well-built guy and uses his muscle to his advantage. A leg sleeper has Sean in a lot of pain for a very long time. Kid Q seems to pose well in the camera for every hold"," showing off his abs and arms. He looks great. The strong"," handsome and very vocal Sean has plenty of experience on the mats with PWP. Kid Q gets Sean in a lot of trouble at times"," but Sean applies some holds that Kid Q can't easily escape. Sean lays it to Kid Q with headlocks"," headscissors and cradles"," and displays the Kid's great bod wonderfully. Kid W finally gets a headscissors and armbar on Sean. These guys put some hard and very long held holds on eachother. This matchup is slow moving but if its submission you likehellip,Kid Q and Sean deliver. These guys rock.

Sean starts the match as the aggressor..making our Kid Q suffer...

...but Kid Q takes the offensive and dishes out some of Sean's own medicine.

Sean squeezes Kid Q's head first with a tight headlock...

...and then with a punishing headscissors...

...Kid Q returns the favor and in a very long...

...held headscissor"," Sean is forced to give-up!

Match #3

the Animal vs Kid Q

TThese two have been in PWP for quite sometime now. And each have developed into hot looking guys with lots of muscle to back them up. A headlock on the Kid starts this one off. Then a big body scissors"," armbar on Animal. A site to behold. The Animal lays the Kid on the mat and has at him. Surfboard and a sleeper have the Kid in trouble. Animal holds on long"," and he holds on hard. The Kid is a big guy"," but Animal can out power him. These two have fantastic bodies and faces like models. It doesn't matter what they do to eachother"," they look great doing it. Just when you think the Kid is out"," he forces Animal into a headscissors armbar leaving Animal debilitated. The Animal just can't shake the tough guy. A headlock on one"," that almost puts him out"," then a sleeper on the other that works. WOW is a great way to describe this one. These two hunks just look great. Fabulous work.

The Animal begin his assault on Kid Q with a punishing arm bar.

Kid Q punishes the Animal in his own way with a figure four head scissors.

The Animal resorts to some dirty is applies pressure on poor Kid Q's groin.

The long punishing sleeper on Kid Q is a sight to behold. The Animal triumphs once again.

Match #4

Sean vs Konan

Even with all Sean's experience on the mats"," he still has trouble with this huge guy. Konan is one big and tough man"," and Sean quickly finds that out. Choking and slamming and manhandling poor Sean. Sean tries his best to keep the big guy down on the mat so he can use his wrestling skills. Konan just so effortlessly puts Sean in holds and plays with him. Then Sean retorts with great holds"," but Konan is just too much for Sean and just outpowers him. This is a squash job that Konan loved because he worked over Sean and got to lots of flexing for the camera. One big tough heel that had this vet wondering what hit him.

Konan starts the match as the aggressor...making our Sean suffer.

Konan remains on the offensive and puts Sean in a devastating head scissors.

Sean is able to reverse and applies his own head scissors on the larger Konan...

...but Sean is no match for Konan who squeezes and squeezes the life out of a listless Sean.

Tagteam Match

the Animal and Sean vs Kid Q and Konan

You have to see how these hot hunks fill out their trunks. Fantastic. Animal and Sean quickly take over their opponents. Big and hunky Animal with his power moves on the Kid"," then on Konan. He holds big Konan while Sean works him over. These two are mean. The Kid finally relieves Konan and gets Sean in a long leg choke hold and calls him "a sissy" while he toys with him. The Animal strikes the Kid and takes him out for his partner. The Animal has the Kid in a lot of pain with an armbar"," when Konan jumps in and throws a sleeper on the hunk. Animal lays out Konan on display in a head scissors"," and enjoys it while inflicting some pain. He has Konan where he wants him. Enter Sean to aid in the attack on the big guy. Then the Kid and Konan attack Sean. When Animal comes to the rescue"," a pair of sleepers have these two in a bind. It's humiliating what the Animal forces Kid Q to do the Konan. This is one of the best tapes to see the Animal in"," and the only one so far with Konan. Throw in Kid Q and Sean and you have lots of sexy"," hunky"," manhandling fun. GREAT ACTION!!!

At the start"," the team of The Animal...

...and Sean are all over Kid Q.

Miraculously"," Kid Q rebounds with a figure-four head scissors...

...and some Sean torturing of his own.

But The Animal comes to Sean's rescue (once again)...

...and soon it is all over for the team of Kid Q and Konan.
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