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PWP Wrestling

The Rebel's return

The Rebel's return

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the Rebel vs Andre

This is the Rebel's big return to PWP"," and he doesn't disappoint at all. He looks great. With more size"," muscle and even more of that devastating confidence that we all love to watch. His first matchup is against our young Andre. He comes to these matchups with a lot more added muscle to that tall frame. But the Rebel back in unbelievable form and out to give these new guys ahellip,hellip,hellip,

After getting his head stuck between Rebel's huge thighs and beautiful camel clutch"," then a short sleeper hold"," Andre has a hard time standing. A short lived revolt against his mighty aggressor includes a nice hammerlock chokehold and a beautiful fig-4 headscissors that leaves the Rebel a little stunned. But Andre is again suffering. The Rebel unloads on this young musclehunk with a surfboard"," a camel"," a boston crab"," some long sideheadlocks"," lots of trunk pulling"," crotch shots"," one of his massive bearhugs (front and back)"," and it's Rebel's nasty sleeper that does in this young upstart. It's good to watch our longtime hero practice his stuff against these young musclehunks."," and Andre looks truly great being dominated by him. After his win"," the Rebel returns to Andre and tosses on a fig-4 headscissors"," then gives us a nice posing routine over the beaten hunk. The Rebel is back and in spectacular form. This tape has four real hot bodieshellip, trust me"," if you like muscle you will enjoy this.

The Rebel has Andreacute, in a tight full nelson.

But Andreacute, is able to escape and clamp on a front headlock.

The Rebel's head scissors are known to wear down his opponents.

A close-up look at those massive!!

But Andreacute, is not without some dirty tricks as he pulls The Rebel's trunks...

And then slaps on a figure-four head scissors of his own.

He keeps the pressure on our Heel/Hero

Once more with a figure-four head scissors.

But a squeeze from the Rebel's Bearhug...

...and a low blow to the groin for good measure...

...and The Rebel has Andreacute, down for the count.

After the match"," The Rebel does some trunk pulling of his own..

Not content merely to win the match"," The Rebel returns and dishes out more punishment.


the Scottish Cowboy vs Mad Maxx

The Scottish Cowboy was an instant favorite after his Match against Bad Boy in Rebellion 3. His dark good looks"," a well muscled body"," and the aggressive wrestling skill made him a lot of new fans. But look at PWP's newest find. Mad Maxx. WOW!! He is something. He's drop dead handsome"," has a mind-blowing physique"," and is one of the most aggressive and talented wrestlers to come our way in a while. These two are pretty equal in size and frame. Mad Maxx works SC over real good bending SC's muscle in every direction. Those big arms"," legs"," neck"," back"," shoulders"," all a target of Mad Maxx's talented holds. MM is probably as good as the Rebel when it comes to looking good for the camera"," dominating his opponent and flexing for us. This guy is solid. And this match is filled with very interesting holds by both of these great wrestlers. SC endures lots of punishment as the new guy works him endlessly. Mad Maxx looks awesome as he kisses those big biceps"," posing over the destroyed Scottish Cowboy. He returns after the match"," wakes SC up and continues the punishment working SC's arms and legs over some more with pulling"," then adds on a cobra sleeper. PWP has a new heel. Viva la Mad Maxx!!

The Handsome Heel has the Cowboy down on the mat with an arm bar.

Our gorgeous newcomer LOVES to play dirty..Here he is pulling the Cowboy's pink trunks.

The Scottish Cowboy has Mad Maxx in pain....

...but a bite to the ear and The Cowboy reels but...

...he keeps the pressure on the Mad One.

But the Big Hunk has some hair pulling ideas of his own.

As The Cowboy finds out...

...the Mad Hunk loves twisting arms while having the Cowboy in a figure four headscissors.

Some tit twisting for good measure...

...and a Hard headlock has the Cowboy ready... meet his Maker.

The Mad One looks so content as the Cowboy drifts into unconsciousness.


the Rebel vs the Scottish Cowboy

This is truly a great matchup. The Rebel is back and on a roll. And the Scottish Cowboy really wants to prove himself in PWP and a win here would be great for him. Sohellip, the Rebel does have his hands full as SC comes on strong. The Rebel's body looks great as he throws all that muscle into his holds against this big opponent. And in return the Scottish Cowboy matches the Rebel with powerful holds and confidence. These two big guys trade bearhugs"," sideheadlocks"," armbar scissor holds"," boston crabs"," and pour on the power with each hold trying to outmuscle eachother. The Scottish Cowboy really gives the Rebel a run for his money. An awesome figure 4 has the Rebel in huge pain for a while. And the SC looks really good as he works those big arms of the Rebel's over for a while. For a while it's hard to tell who is going to take this one"," as SC hits the Rebel up with a rock solid full nelson"," a body scissors with an armbar"," then a body scissors sleeper with an armbar. The Rebel is rocked. Tests of strength"," trunk pulling"," shots to the crotches"," this one has it all. The Rebel takes SC out with a string of leg scissors"," then attacks with a big sleeper. SC grimaces as the Rebel squeezes his big bicep under his chin and finishes him off. This is one of those great big guys matchups that PWP is so good at making. Enjoy.

The Rebel has The Cowboy in a headlock...

...and then has a chin lock on the Scottish Cowboy.

The Scottish Cowboy likes to pull trunks"," especially The Rebel's... that he can put The Rebel in a bearhug.

The Cowboy continues to dominate with an on-the-mat headlock...

...followed by a leg lock on the hapless Rebel.

The poor Rebel is grimacing in pain...

...but those big thighs get wrapped around the Cowboy's head...

...and then a headlock has The Rebel back in control...

...only to fall to a low blow from The Cowboy.

He then proceeds to put The Rebel in a full nelson...

...and then a tight body scissors...

...but those big thighs find their target and its all over...

...for The Cowboy. A good match but the outcome was a foregone conclusion.


Mad Maxx vs Andre

Young muscle pup Andre has his hands full with the newcomer"," Mad Maxx. Maxx works Andre's fabulous body over sublimely.

The Handsome Heel controls Andreacute,...

...but the wiry lad has Maxx with his knees on the mat and struggling in an arm bar.

But the Big Man starts his domination over Andreacute,.

He smiles as Andreacute, tries desperately to escape from his headlock.

Maxx likes to keep his opponents off guard by relying on any and all dirty tricks. Here he is biting Andreacute,'s ear.

But Andreacute, is able to clamp on a figure-four head scissors.

Here is a close-up of the tightly held hold.

But tit twisting while Maxx has Andreacute, in a figure four head scissors keeps Andreacute, on guard.

Mad Maxx's relentless assault...

...and his dirty tricks keep...

...Andreacute, a hapless victim... he continues to inflict pain and damage wherever he can.

The Handsome Heel's 'special hold' has Andreacute, down on the mat...

...and more ear biting and other dirty tricks...

...has Andreacute, pleading for mercy.

Mad Maxx is on top of the PWP world!


the Rebel vs Mad Maxx

This is pure Classic. The Rebel's return to PWP has so far been a good one. A little difficulty with the Scottish Cowboy at points"," but has prevailed in each of his matchups. Until nowhellip, This new PWP find"," Mad Maxx"," is one helluva hunk. Matching the Rebel in body"," looks and skill. HOT HOT HOT!!! His tireless"," focused"," tough"," talented wrestling skill makes a match pretty hard for any guy"," including our hot"," built"," hero"," the Rebel. He's put on some good size over his time off from PWP"," and it looks fantastic. He's grown all over is size (shoulders"," chest"," arms"," legs). I don't know why"," but he has one hard bout with the new guy. His patented scissors"," his ultra hard sleeper has little effect on his determined opponent. Mad Maxx stops the Rebel dead in his comeback tracks"," and mauls our hero"," working over his back"," neck arms"," and everything. LOTS OF MUSCLE IN THIS ONE!!!! The Rebel is deliciously destroyed in what is probably one of the best fights he has yet been in. Maxx hits the Rebel's back"," surprising the Rebel with various arm-stretching backbreakers"," over the knee backbreaker/chokeholds"," rolling him up in spadels"," and lots of camels and crabs. Max dominates the Rebel and completely works over his back until he puts him out in a sleeper. For sure"," you will want to watch this one over and over. It's a classic muscle man match-uphellip, with the victor a hot new upstarthellip, and the loser"," one of PWP's hottest looking guys. AWESOME!!!!! Probably PWP's best match-up ever.

This is oneHELLof a match as The Rebel faces a formidable foe in Mad Maxx who early on gains control...

...over The Rebel. Here he screams in agony as Mad Maxx sneers at his victim beneath him.

The Rebel continues to be on the receiving end of the Handosme Hell's leg holds...

...and some nasty toe pulling.

But the Rebel is no slouch as he puts the pressure...

...on Mad Maxx.

But more ear biting has The Rebel down...

...on the mat with the Mad One clearly in control.

But those massive thighs on The Rebel find their mark.

Some trunk pulling gets Mad Maxx out of the headscissors...

...and into The Rebel's arms.

But the tireless Mad One has The Rebel all stretched out...

...and then wrapped up as The Rebel's energy begins to drain.

Tasting victory"," Mad Maxx smiles down on his opponent.

This body stretch has The Rebel prepped for the sleeper ending.

Wow! A new PWP Heel (or Star) is born!

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