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PWP Wrestling

Doomed & Dominated

Doomed & Dominated

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DOOMED...The match begins with a test of strength...


...which Miguel loses. Here he struggles to free himself...


...from a punishing bear hug.


Marky massages Miguel's eyes and face...


...then puts the pressure with a full nelson.


Somehow Miguel escapes and does some eye gouging and facial rearranging of his own.


Miguel seems in control over the veteran Marky.


DOMINATED... but soon finds himself locked in a Boston Crab.


Miguel grimaces in pain with Marky well in control.


Miguel is trapped in Marky's back breaker.


There's no escape for the newcomer as Marky turns on the pressure.


Sweet victory pose for Marky over Miguel. Was there ever any doubt?




Chloroform Match


Marky and Bobby in a test of strength...


...but a swift kick to Marky's balls and...


...Bobby puts the head squeeze on Marky.


Marky grabs Bobby's nuts from behind and then...


...clamps on a bear hug on the Big Bobby...


...while on the mat in a headlock"," Marky does some nuckle dusting...


...and then secures Bobby's head in a scissors and arm bar.


DOOMED...Bobby goes for Marky's package once more..


...then grabs a metal cover and proceeds to pound Marky's left leg.


Bobby grabs the chloroform-filled cloth and while Marky is trapped in a body scissors.


Bobby knocks Marky out. Bobby lifts Marky's arm three times but on the third fall. Bobby grabs Marky's arm and says 'no","no I am not finished with you yet'...


DOMINATION...Bobby secures his painful nerve hold on a drowsy Marky...


...then locks on full nelson...


squeezes Marky's head inside those HUGE thighs..


...punishes his head some more with a powerful headlock...


...then starts to use Marky as his punching bag.


The groggy veteran of Rough and Raunchy is subjected once more to Bobby's painful nerve hold.


Bobby is so in control...eye gouging then...


...he re-arranges Marky's mouth and then the end...The BRAIN BUSTER...


...Bobby begins on the mat...


...then gets a chair...


...sits down and continues to finish the job on his first challenger or should I say victim....TOO SWEET!





DOOMED...Bobby extends his hand to Brutus who quickly gets a kick in the nuts for his trust.


Brutus is on the mat in pain as Bobby gleefully twists his opponent's head.


Bobby nuckle dusts his adversary's head...


...then begins to punch on Brutus' head... desparation, Brutus lands a low blow... its his turn (or so he thinks).


Brutus does some eye gouging on the Big Heel...

...then squeezes Bobby's head in a scissors hold.


DOMINATED...Bobby easily escapes and secures a crushing head scissors.


Brutus goes limp from Bobby's...

...powerful nerve hold.

Brutus is now primed for Bobby's BRAIN BUSTER...


...finisher hold.


This Big Heel loves to pose over his vanquished victims.


I have two words for you:SUCK IT!





DOOMED...Miguel puts up a valiant struggle to the Big Brutus...


...only to find himself trapped in 


a bone crunching bear hug.


More punishment to Miguel's back as Brutus takes out on Miguel some of his anger from loosing to Bobby.


With Bobby looking on, Brutus proceeds to sit on Miguel.


The disceptively wiry and strong Miguel gains the upper hand.


Brutus is so angry to be subjected to Miguel's dominance (Bobby is watching this match-up)...


DOMINATED... Brutus gains the upper hand with a painful Boston Crab...


...then starts to squeeze the life out of poor Miguel.


Held high over the mat"," Miguel succumbs to Brutus' torture rack.


'Who's your Daddy now... bitch!'




DOOMED.....Bobby just towers over Miguel..'You poor punk..why not give up now...'


Bobby toys with Miguel in a test of strength.


Bobby squeezes that head harder and harder...


...and adds insult to injury by raking Miguel's eyes.


Bobby gets ready to land some powerful punches... Miguel's head...

which sends him reeling to the mat.


Bobby makes Miguel feel the power of his bear hug...


...and his strength as he lifts Miguel high in the air.


Somehow Miguel gets Bobby in a tight armbar only... find himself easily lifted and dropped unceremoniously on the mat... HARD!


DOMINATED.....Bobby's assualt intensifies... he applies his punishing nerve hold.


Bobby pounds on Miguel's shoulder while...


...unrelentless in watching Miguel suffer ...unable to escape from his deadly nerve hold.


Bobby lifts his helpless opponent into a torture rack and waits for Miguel to give up.


Bobby knows who's boss and makes sure Miguel understands as he humiliates his opponent at the end of the match.


What an impressive debut for Bobby 'The Brain Buster' Bouchard!!
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