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PWP Wrestling

Canadian Studpuppy Wrestling #1

Canadian Studpuppy Wrestling #1

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Match #1

Custom Made Stud vs Marc

The match begins with 'sexy' Marc using some dirty tactics to get the Stud on the mat. While face-down on the mat with one arm and one leg twisted behind him"," Stud gets a gentle knee in the crotch.

The Stud quickly reverses the situation and puts our 'sexy' studpuppy into a vice-like headlock. Oh"," can't you see those cauliflower ears growing...

Its pay back time some more as Custom Made Stud puts Marc in a torturous bear hug.

As you can see"," our Stud is having his way with the 'sexy' studpuppy. Do you like this camel clutch Marc?

Here Stud puts a front headlock on Marc who has been worn down by Stud's constant barrage of wrestling punishment.

After putting our hapless victim to sleep with a long and slow sleeper hold"," our hero relaxes over the outstretched body of the defeated 'sexy' Marc.

Match #2

Alex vs Custom Made Stud Marc Marre

In this 3 fall handicap match"," Alex shows his stuff by quickly overcoming Stud. While on the mat"," Alex stretches Stud's arms until they feel like they are about to break!

Alex likes to squeeze the Stud. The harder Stud moves"," the tighter the grip.

Alex works over the Stud's leg. Oh"," what fun it is. Are you having fun Stud? Stud finally gives into Alex's punishments and is awarded the first fall.

The second fall brings in a fresh studpuppy who starts to take command. He soon has Alex withering in pain on the mat floor!

Match #3

Custom Made Stud vs Alex Marc Marre

The action begins with the three men circling one another. Custom Made Stud takes the brunt of the punishment as Alex and Marc double-team him.

Alex likes putting our Stud to sleep...but amazingly Marc come to the rescue...

When all three men get entangled... is difficult to get them un-stuck.

Match #4

Pat vs Matt

'Punishing' Pat takes on the smaller Matt who soon learns a lesson or two in pro wrestling.

Pat loves to torture his victims and his claw hold is only one of many in his vast repertoire.

Matt is helpless as Pat continues his take-over of the hapless studpuppy.

Pat's crushing headlocks are legend.

Matt's 'partner' Sean come to the rescue of his studpuppy friend. Both wrestlers beat-up on Pat and humilate him in front of the camera.

Pat lays lifeless on the mat floor as the two studpuppys relish in their victory!

Match #5

Dan vs Sean

'Dangerous' Dan shows how he got his name as he applies a little face massage to Sean.

Sean"," no slouch to pro wrestling"," reverses the tables on Dan.

Dan is built like a brick and soon overpowers Sean. Once under his power"," Dan's own version of the claw has Sean withering in pain.

The barrage continues as Dan's powerful legs head scissors the hapless studpuppy.

With the help of his 'partner' Matt"," Dan faces the wrath of Sean. Chocking and other illegal moves are all part of Sean's arsenal of pro wrestling moves.

Two against one is too much for our 'Dangerous' Dan. He too suffers defeat at the hands of the two studpuppys. Will there be retribution for their foul deeds???

Match #6

Pat Dan vs Matt Sean

The match begins with the two studpuppys getting their fair share of punishment.

Both Dan and Pat take turns dishing out some discipline of their own.

At every opportunity"," the two studpuppys double team Pat. Its almost as if they are out to totally humilate him.

Pat relishes this bear hug on poor defenseless Matt.

Matt has Dan where he wants him..but for how long??

Dan side headlocks Matt who suffers the squeeze from Dan's massive arms as he is dragged around the mat floor.

It is time to put the two studpuppys in la la land...

...and to see these two suffer and slowly go to sleep is a rare sight to behold
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