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PWP Wrestling



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Brandon vs Mick

Brandon tells Dan that Mick is no competition for him... he quickly and repeatedly demonstrates to Dan.

A body scissors and an arm bar...

...followed by a gut claw...

...then a leg twist has poor Mick in pain...and it looks like this will be a complete squash job when...

...Mick gets his second wind and has the bigger man in trouble.

A figure-four head scissors has Brandon grimacing in pain.

Mick applies the pressure on Brandon's back and arms...

...but the seasoned veteran is able to come back...

...and mercilessly and repeatedly puts his man out...'no contest' says Brandon and threatens Dan to provide him with some REAL competition!


Reneacute, vs Mick

Reneacute, sees the smaller man and decides to play with him.

His punishing headlock is followed by leg holds...

...and a little humilation along...

...the way as Mick has to endure Reneacute,'s fist.

But the smaller man reverses and Reneacute, feels Mick's legs...

...and then his arms wrapped around his neck.

But Reneacute, knows he is in control as he picks up Mick...

...has him in a figure four headscissors....massages his head with his knuckles...

...and then goes in for some trunk pulling...

...before the final easy win for Reneacute,.


Brandon vs Reneacute,

Brandon mocks Reneacute, and quickly gains control.

His punishing full nelson has Reneacute, reeling in pain.

On the mat bearhugs...

...and a punishing nerve hold seem to have this big man down for the count.

But Reneacute, is never down for the count...Here he applies a tight body scissors...

...and he seems to have the Champion in some difficulty...

But Brandon is quick to dominate and punishes...

...Reneacute,'s throat and arms.

The big man is weakened by the relentless assault of Brandon.

He repeatedly asks Reneacute, to submit while trapped in his new hold: The Asian Torture rack!


Seacute,bastian vs Mick

Sebastian takes an early advantage with a full nelson.

Here he is punishing his smaller opponent and looking quite satisfied thank you.

The little guy is tightly caught in a figure-four head.....


...Seacute,bastian turns the man around and makes him eat the mat..what a move!

Seacute,bastian is in complete control as he puts the squeeze on Mick.

But Mick knows a thing or two about wrestling as Seacute,bastian soon discovers.

Mick enjoys being on top!

A little too confident"," Mick decides to gut punish Seacute,bastian...

...but as you can see"," the bigger man easily prevails.

Mick is a great competitor"," but like Brandon and Rene"," Sebastian has just too much muscle and experience.

Brandon vs Seacute,bastian

Brandon begins his assault on Seacute,bastian with a punishing headlock.

But Seacute,bastian returns the favor with a leg lock..Tbis is an evenly fought match..with each wrestler...

...taking advantage ...such as here with Seacute,bastien in a bone crushing legscissors.

...or Seacute,bastian's armlock and some hair pulling on Brandon...

Brandon has Seacute,bastian down on the mat with his claw hold.

Seacute,batian has Brandon on the mat and asks him to have a taste of his foot.

Brandon claws at Seacute,bastian's pecs...

...while Seacute,bastian tortures Brandon with a figure-four leglock.

Brandon gets the advantage at the end of the bout ..first with a full nelson.

Then"," with a little bit of choking...

...another full nelson...this time on the mat and...

...finally a long held sleeper and Seacute,bastian is Branded! But Seacute,bastian wants a re-match and maybe Dan will oblige in the near future. You let me know whether you think Seacute,bastian deserves another match with Brandon!
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