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PWP Wrestling

Bear Hug 1

Bear Hug 1

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Kid Q quickly takes control...

...but our 'Ironman' secures a front chancery on the Kid.

Again and again he squeezes and...

...squeezes our hapless victim.

But the Kid is too much for the Ironman who is the first to submit.

For now"," our 'Ironman' is no match for the new Kid Q...

Ironman has to shake it off"," he has a long matchup to look forward too and the Kid is showing his worth. The Kid side headlocks him"," tosses him to the ground"," and camel clutches the worn down Ironman. Ironman gets a second wind out of nowhere and sleepers the Kid. They go back to trading bearhugs"," and again it's the Ironman who submits to an unbearable bearhug from the Kid. Off goes Ironmans jeans"," and we now have Calvin's. Ironman tries to shake off the pain.

Ironman is in trouble. If he goes down again he looses in his Calvin's"," and Kid Q will have his shirt and jeans still on. So Kid Q starts with his domination"," but this time Ironman won't submit so easy. He reverses a bearhug and tosses his own big bearhug on the Kid and won't let go until the Kid takes his shirt off. He finishes him with a bearhug to his head and body scissors. Even with all of Kid Q's muscle behind it he can't shake the Ironman. This is hot viewing.

Ironman back to full steam quickly goes after the weakened Kid Q with a side headlock and then a huge bearhug. He watches his arms flex as he pours on the pressure. And he squeezes the pants right off the limp muscled bod of Kid Q. What a great tape this is.

At first"," its the Kid all over the 'Ironman'.

Somehow"," the 'Ironman' digs deep and reverses on the Kid...

For over an hour"," the two battle in their...

...Calvin's for dominance.

...going after each other time and time again.

Although its what keeps them...

...the 'Ironman' keeps trying his best but is...

...still no match for the new Kid Q who decides...

...who is punished again and again...

...until the Kid is down to his Calvin's and the 'party' begins...

It's not all legal or...

...bearhugs that keeps these guys...

...coming back for more.

In the end"," Kid Q scores a submission but... finish the Ironman with a punishing sleeper and...

...claim his victory in this our first bearhug fest.

Now the two of these hunks are showing off their great bodies in tight white Calvin's. The Kid needs to find his second wind because Ironman is dominating right now. Kid Q"," with a bearhug"," weakens Ironman down. He tosses Ironman into a sleeper and takes the first fall. The Kid poses his muscles over the fallen Ironman.

The next fall starts with a posedown. Kid forces his way out of a big side headlock"," and bearhugs Ironman. Ironman forces a bodyscissors chinlock on the Kid"," then a series of big bearhugs are exchanged. After many hard held holds by Kid Q"," the Ironman falls again.

Ironman knows he's in for if he doesn't apply some nasty tactics"," so he starts to choke Kid Q then bearhug him very tight. A headscissors and hits to the abs await the Kid. Ironman confidently applies a body scissors with a bearhug to the head and downs Kid. But it's the Ironman who is eventually done in by a bearhug.

These two just go on and on inflicting pain on eachother. The Kid is a dominant force for Ironman"," but he holds his own. They exchange full nelsons"," headscissor armbars"," and many more bearhugs. In the end it's Ironman who submits to a bearhug. This tape is classic. The bodies are hot"," the action is non-stop"," and the wrestling is exciting to watch. Awesome.

From the beginning...the Kid is smirking.

But the Ironman begins his comeback.

The Kid under pressure.

Ironman gasping for air!

Ironman grimacing in the Kid's clutches.

Ironman with a painful front chancery.

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