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PWP Wrestling

Bar Room Battles 2

Bar Room Battles 2

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CHUCK SAMSON wearing a yellow thong.




RICKO wearing a white thong.


NEXON wearing a red thong



Match #1


Chuck vs. Nexon

Match #1


Chuck vs. Nexon


Chuck would appear to be no match for Nexon in a test of strength.

Nexon soon has Chuck on the mat...

Nexon is choked by Chuck who loves to display his cute bubble butt....

Now its Nexon's turn to dominate Chuck while pulling those easy to grab long curly locks

....Nexon has a secure headlock on Chuck who grabs a hold of Nexon's leg..


Now down on the mat, Chuck faces more hair pulling..

Chuck clamps a figure-four head scissors on Nexon who can't extricate himself from those powerful legs...



Chuck proceeds to pound Nexon's head on the mat while still securing him in that figure-four head scissors!.

Chuck faces Nexon inside those powerful arms and chest. Can he extricate himself from Nexon's bear hugs?

Match #2

Mathieu vs. Ricko

Match #2

Mathieu vs Ricko


Is Mathieu no match for Ricko in a test of strength??

Ricko secures a head scissors on Mathieu....

Both Mathieu and Ricko exchange on the mat surf boards ...

Then Ricko firmly grabs Mathieu's neck while Mathieu's back is extended over Ricko's knee..double pain and suffering..


Mathieu seems to have gained control of teh match..but he soon comes face to face with Ricko's bone crushing bear hug!

Who takes home the victory? Is it Mathieu with his sharpshooter or does Ricko make Mathieu submit with his torture rack??

Match #3

Mathieu vs Nexon

Match #3

Mathieu vs Nexon


Mathieu and Nexon clench...

A punishing head lock and then its down of the mat for some back punishment.

On the knees full nelson"," then to the mat Mathieu is caught in Nexon's iron-like vicelock
but the wily and wiry veteran soon has the big man on the mat in agony.



Mathieu has Nexon on the mat yelling out in pain..g..




Then its time for Mathieu to feel the pressure of Nexon's bear hugs.

Has Nexon weakened Maathieu enough with punishing bear hugs so that Mathieu will be forced to submit with an over the knee back-breaker or will Mathieu counter with his own submission hold??.

Match #4

Mathieu Chuck vs Nexon Ricko

Match #4


Mathieu Chuck vs Nexon Ricko


Chuck and Mathieu square off against Nexon and Ricko..Can the smaller men out wrestle their bigger opponents?

Chuck loses to Ricko in a test of strngth but soon finds himslef with a leg lock on the bigger man ...




Chuck continues his control over Ricko and when Ricko is able to tag in Nexon","



...well he soon finds himself on the mat!

Its back and forth action as both teams continue to play by therules...for the most part"," that is..




Nexon 's strength dominates Chuck but Mathieu makes Nexon pay for the pain Nexon inflicted on his partner..


No longer content to play by the rules Mathieu and Chuck have Nexon in their corner where they proceed to pound his gut t mush!

Ricko comes to the rescue of his partner only to find himself facing illegal eye gouging by Chuck. Can Ricko and Nexon make Mathieu and Chuck pay for their transgressions or will the two smaller heels take charge and gain another victory?
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