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PWP Wrestling

Bar Brawls

Bar Brawls

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Pistol Pete now goes by the name of Chad who has Sexy Eddie's head tightly squeezed in a headlock.

Sexy Eddie soon reverses and now controls Chad

Eddie just LOVES punishing his opponents. Here he has Chad suffering in an arm bar...

...then he Camel Clutches hurting Chad...

...and rolls him over into a body scissors and starts to...

...choke his hapless victim.

Chad tries to escape from the body scissors...

...only to have the SEXY ONE squeeze all the harder.

No matter what Chad does"," Eddie is there... and chokes his victim again and again.

Tired of a body scissors"," Eddie clamps on a head scissors.

Eddie LOVES to put the pressure on... then...

...looks down and smiles at his suffering opponent as he pours on the pressure

And it's Eddie who decides when it will all be over for Chad.

Out for the three count.

Sexy Eddie poses over Chad... Eddie beams "What a beautiful body I have".



A test of strength between the two combatants.

The bigger man wins out over the young newbie.

But Josh surprises Estovan with a hammer lock...

...and keeps the pressure up on the bigger man... now stretched out on the mat...

...Estovan works over Josh's leg...

...and lower back. Poor Josh is suffering!

The bigger man goes for a quick ending with a sleeper...

...only to find himself on the receiving end of a nasty choke hold.

A close-up look at the intensity of Josh...

...who rolls Estovan over"," clamps on a body scissors and arm bar... what a beginning for this youngster.

ESTOVAN has Josh screaming in pain.

Josh is feeling the pressure of a powerful full...

...nelson. He keeps it on until the youngster submits.

Estovan poses over a humiliated Josh.



Josh clamps an arm bar on the veteran Chad.

Not enough to keep those legs from being wrapped around Josh's head.

Josh keeps coming back with the arm bar...

...then a full nelson.

Chad clamps a tight full nelson on the youngster...

...and as he keeps the pressure on"," Josh gets weaker and weaker.

But instead of keeping it on the youngster"," Chad works over his opponent's leg...

...then has him suffer in a camel clutch...

...and while on top of Josh"," secures a head lock.

But"," Josh comes alive and decides to end the match... else but with a sleeper hold.

Josh is looking good as he wins his first PWP match! Congratulations young man!



Before this match begins"," Eddie secretly teams up with Josh. In a test of strength Estovan takes an early advantage...

...only to have Eddie on top"," at least until...

...Estovan gets Eddie from behind.

Sexy Eddie breaks the full nelson...

...and has Estovan in trouble.

The confident Sexy One looks good here...

...and as Josh looks on"," Eddie seems in control... and won't need to call on his 'secret' partner for help.

Estovan regains control and it looks like Eddie is ready for bed time.

But Josh intervenes... and together...

...they work over Estovan... until...

...Eddie clamps his sleeper on his opponent...

...and its three counts and he's out!

Josh comes over to congratulate his'partner' only to find out that he's been double-crossed.

Eddie places Josh on top of Estovan and 3 countsBOTHwrestlers!!

What a sweet victory for PWP's newest HEEL!!

With both men out... what's in store for EDDIE?



SEXY EDDIE agrees to a grudge match against Josh.

A test of strength easily leads to Eddie...

...laughing as he punishes his 'partner'.

'Take that punk!'... Josh's head is swimming in agony.

The yougster looks at the camera and says "Who me? I'm not choking."

"Well"," maybe now I am you double-crosser."

Eddie will have none of this as he secures a full...

...nelson on Josh and keeps the pressure on.

Look how tight Eddie has that hold on the youngster.

Eddie soon has Josh kissing the mat... Josh submits and Sexy Eddie's reign continues.
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