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Joey Succumbs

Joey Succumbs

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SEAN takes command over our favorite ripped jobber...Joey. As hard as he tries...

...he can't break free from Sean's vice-like grip.

JOEY is now caught in Sean's body scissors.

The crafty veteran lets Joey struggle free only to clamp that body scissors around Joey's lower back.

JOEY suffers a camel clutch...

...and then Sean clamps his knee squarely in Joey's back.

JOEY cries out from the pain only to...

...find himself once more at Sean's mercy.

JOEY tries and tries to break free...

...the more he tries the harder Sean squeezes.

JOEY is worked over some more as he clutches his head.

On the mat"," Sean plants his elbow deep inside...

JOEY's lower back... again and again...

JOEY succumbs to Sean's relentless bear hug attack. Great action.



FRED: THE LAC ST. JEAN TERROR takes his turn manhandling Joey. He begins by showing Joey who's the boss as he lifts him o his shoulder...

...clamps on a powerful bear hug that send poor Joey flying in pain...

Joey is squeezed and squeezed by the powerful Fred.

Fred enjoys delivering punishment to Joey.

As he squeezes those powerful legs over Joey's...

...lower back and stomach"," pulling hair...

...and finding new ways to inflict pain on Joey.

Joey is like a bag of potatoes now as he slumps...

...and drapes over Big Fred... who continues...

...his assault on poor Joey... more hair pulling...

...and bear hug squeezes that would knock...

...out a lesser man than Joey who refuses to submit until he can take it no longer. Fred lifts his hapless victim over his shoulder...

...and proceeds out of the mat area with his new toy.



This was meant to be a three way match but right from thw beginning Sean and Fred decide they will team up against Joey. Here Fred refuses to tag Joey.

Caught is Sean's body scissors"," Fred looks on and smiles.

Joey gets a face raking from Fred...

...while Sean places that elbow squarely on Joey's lower back.

Joey is allowed to lift himself up only to find Sean 's legs crashing down on his lower back.

Joey is caught in another bear hug.

Now its Fred's turn to punish Joey... pulling his ear for good measure.

Joey's attempt at a tag gets him Sean's foot on his hand.

Joey is double-teamsed by Fred and Sean who BOTH clamp on body scissors.

Somehow"," Joey manages to secure a bear hug on Sean who quickly tags out to Fred.

Joey is now caught in...


He is squeezed from both ends...

..until he gives up and is carried off once more by Fred.



Sean is no match for Fred but each wrestler had to know who would be crowned the champ this evening.

Sean tries to break free but can't get out...

...from between those BIG arms.

Fred lets Sean put a bear hug on him and easily breaks free.

Fred has Sean where he wants him...

...just squeezing the life slowly from Sean.

He has Sean on the mat in a bear hug...

...and rolls him from side to side"," squeezing harder and harder.

Sean thinks he has his opponent in a head scissors...

...only to find Fred punishing his lower back...

...then its time to squeeze him until he can't take it anymore.

Sean succumbs to the Big Bad Man from Lac St. Jean.
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